10 of the biggest winners in the history of casinos

Their triumphs may be turned into a book or a good film based on true events—or both. Gamblers took chances and changed their life in the blink of an eye, some before casino sites as we know them even existed.

They were able to enjoy the tremendous joy that their foolish gamble gave thanks to luck and fate. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible tales from the world of casinos.

The Megabucks Millionaire – Cynthia JayBrennan

Cynthia Jay-Brennan is one of the saddest figures in the history of gambling winnings. In Las Vegas, a cocktail waitress won $35,000,000 on a slot machine. She was paralyzed from the waist down nine weeks later when a drunk motorist ran a red light and hit her car, which she was driving. What was even more devastating was the death of her sister, who was riding shotgun in the passenger seat.
Cynthia is still wheelchair-bound and disabled from the waist down. She can only move her arms and shoulders and requires assistance with even the most basic tasks, such as brushing her hair or dressing. Terry Brennan, her husband, is still employed as a bartender at the Monte Carlo Casino and remains devoted to his disabled wife.
Cynthia claims she would return $35 million to get back on her feet and reunite with her sister.

The High Roller – Artsi Karas

The Greek, sometimes known as the King of Gambling, is one of the most influential figures in the history of casinos. Archie Karas (actual name Anargyros Karavourniotis), a 68-year-old Las Vegas resident, won in one night what other devoted gamers have bet for a lifetime.
He re-entered another tournament in December 1992, having already lost $2,000,000 at poker and having only $50 in his wallet, he won $11,000,000. He kept playing dice, and a few months later, he had won $40,000,000. However, he lost everything in the next three years.
His words will go down in history: I have gone from absolute poverty to absolute wealth and vice versa, more than fifty times. Money means absolutely nothing. I don’t care to lose them all. What I care about in life is love, happiness, friends, family. They can’t buy the money from you.
Anargyros Karavourniotis, now 66 years old, still lives in Vegas with his family. Behind the scenes, though, some little and medium-sized poker players are guaranteed to pay a lot of money to seat at the same table as him on a daily basis.

Poker’s top pro – Antonio Esfandiari

The professional poker player is a 40-year-old Iranian from Tehran. In his career, he has won the most world titles. Since 2012, he has made his strategy and magic secrets, as he refers to them, available on iOS.
In order to earn his spot in the charity competition “Big One for One Drop” he opted to risk a million dollars in 2012. He eventually won the tournament and got $18.5 million in prize money before departing. It was the greatest cash prize ever awarded in poker history.
To give you an idea of how big Esfandiari is in poker, his earnings from events he played in 2017 totalled $27,600,000.

The blackjack lord – Don Johnson

The 56-year-old blackjack player is a professional who has nothing to do with the famous actor. In 2011, he won more than $15,000,000 in six months at three different casinos in Atlantic City.
Although he was friends with Jon Bon Jovi and Pamela Anderson, he was brilliant, with a specialized method and strategy at the blackjack tables, without dramatically changing his lifestyle.He has a good reputation in the gaming business, and he has access to free jet flights all over the world.

From slots to giving to charity – Elmer Servin

Elmer Servin earned well over $21,000,000 for the second time in 2005, at the age of 92. In 1989, he won $4,600,000 on the identical slot machine. What he accomplished was one-of-a-kind since it only happens once every 50 million years. He contributed the main portion of his profit to the charity for individuals devastated by Hurricane Katrina for the second time.

The Unknown Winner – Norweigan Peter

He was never identified by his entire name. However, Peter from Norway holds the record for the largest online casino win. He won €11,700.0000 with a progressive jackpot at Betsson’s Arabian Nights Free Bets No Deposit.

The media mogul – Carrie Packer

Perhaps the biggest whale of them all, Kerry Packer was an Australian media tycoon, considered by many to be one of Australia’s most powerful media proprietors of the last century.

Packer’s father’s media company (the Packer Empire) owned a controlling interest in both the Australian Consolidated Press and the Nine Network, both of which were later consolidated into Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL). Also known outside Australia for founding World Series Cricket, at the time of his death in 2005, Kerry Packer had a net worth of roughly $6.5 billion.

Playing big and losing big were part of Packer’s business life and personal life. In his free time, he routinely gambled in both Vegas and the UK, placing astronomical bets of hundreds of thousands of dollars on one hand of blackjack. He would also reportedly leave casino waitresses 7-figure tips when his luck was good.

In 1999, his luck turned bad and Packer went on a 3-week losing streak, losing approximately $27 million in bets spread across four roulette tables. Packer still holds the record for the biggest reported gambling loss in British history.

154 dice in a row – Patricia Demauro

Patricia Demauro, an amateur, won 154 straight rolls on May 23, 2009 at The Borgata Hotel Casino and SpaAtlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Her profit was $10,000,000.00 after four hours and 18 minutes.

The Roulette Legend – Charlie Wells

“The man who shook the Monaco bank,” as he was dubbed. He is the first roulette winner. According to legend, he made $1,000,000 in one night in 1891, following only eleven hours of work. According to legend, he used a deceptive strategy, but it was later revealed that he was simply a natural winner.

Obsession with the number 17 – Mike Ashley

The well-known Newcastle football club owner has a fondness for roulette and the number 17. By betting on every potential combination of that number, he was able to win $1.6 million in one night. Similarly, every time he entered a casino, he has lost a million dollars in one night and many more throughout the course of his life.

Story by Abigail Hughes – augustafreepress.com

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