3 reasons artificial intelligence will transform igaming space

Chances are you’ve read a lot about AI in recent years-particularly how it’s going to save the world and end civilization and transform industries. Perhaps as we know it, its undoubtedly true that AI attracts a lot of hype and, colourful predictions, but unlike some technology trends, much of the hype surrounding AI entirely justified.

It is truly a transformative technology that will dramatically transform the gambling industry. You might be wondering how? Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to interpret data to gather and act intelligently meaning they can make decisions and carry out task based on the data given to function on or data at hand rather like a human does.

AI Create a Better In-Game User Experience

Artificial Intelligence, with its unique features to create a better in-game user experience, and it will better serve ads to current or potential customers through real-time personalization based on past experience. For instance, you sign-up to your betting account based on your previous experience on your bookie platform, AI will predict your next move because it already knows your favourite leagues, your preferred choice of betting markets AI it helps save time by predicting your opportunity to be on top of the list of suggestion, unlike going through that stress of navigating through the bookie page.

AI Providing Human-Like Customer Service

This unique feature an enhancement of user experience through providing human-like customer service powered by machine learning, as machines become more intelligent, they can carry out more and more task-leading to rising automation in iGaming space. Whereby, AI process quick user queries, automated customer support can be fast, efficient and human-like. For instance, imagine asking a question on your favourite bookie platform through live-chat that responds like a human giving you answers based on, precisely on your profile, and you can’t imagine you have been returned by chatbots. AI does provide you with comfort and flexibility attached to it.

AI Will Detect Gambling Addiction

There has been much talk about gambling addiction, how addiction can be a curb, which we’ve seen different gaming board of different countries doing everything in there power to promote responsible gambling especially among youths which as lead to severe problem, which could lead to depression, and even significant loss of money. You might be wondering how Artificial Intelligence can point to a possible addiction, but if it ignored and then its might not as well not exists. An AI which can track and warn the site’s staff of a possible addiction it is not only possible but already tested and implemented. Artificial Intelligence once detected addiction could be stopped earlier, much more quickly than later. You might be wondering how, for instance, with AI install in gaming platform operators can detect this through the player’s behaviour because AI stored data of every customer’s data. Through their pattern of staking bets, the amount the customer usually stake with, amount of games you stake in a week, your style of play. AI as your record when such customer presents an unusual behaviour AI can quickly alert the staff of the bookie, with this the operator can decide to lock the players out to prevent further damage that could harm the player.


Artificial Intelligence technology and its advancement will transform the iGaming if the majority of the online gaming operators embrace these unique features to their gaming platforms. To better serve a good customers experience, understanding or predicting bettors behaviour based on experience, and attracting potential customers to their gaming platforms through Ads. Well, Artificial Intelligence will definitely transform the iGaming space if significant numbers of online gaming site embrace the technology.

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