30 Years of Gaming Excellence with NOVOMATIC Africa

NOVOMATIC Africa PTY (LTD), a subsidiary of NOVOMATIC AG, has been a cornerstone of the South African gaming industry since 1995. Strategically located in Johannesburg, we have spent nearly 30 years providing top-tier services and products, driving growth and innovation in the African market.

Over the past three decades, NOVOMATIC Africa has established a solid footprint across Sub-Saharan Africa, expanding our presence and introducing cutting-edge gaming technology. Our efforts have significantly contributed to the growth of the gaming industry in the region.

Empowerment and Compliance

We are proud to have achieved BEEE LEVEL 2 certification, demonstrating our dedication to black economic empowerment and aligning with South Africa’s economic goals. As a fully compliant and licensed entity, we support local communities and adhere to the highest standards of business conduct and transparency.

Service Excellence and Innovation

NOVOMATIC Africa sets high standards in design, development, and distribution, ensuring our products meet the highest industry standards. By continuously innovating and testing new concepts, we deliver quality products that resonate with both players and B2B customers.

Future Aspirations and Vision

Looking forward, NOVOMATIC Africa is committed to future business ventures, investments, and initiatives that empower communities and create employment opportunities. Our vision includes expanding our presence across Sub-Saharan Africa and continuing to lead with state-of-the-art gaming technology.


NOVOMATIC passionate team is dedicated to building and maintaining strong customer relationships. Through quality products and exceptional service, we have forged robust partnerships across the African gaming industry.

As we approach our 30-year milestone, we are excited to continue our journey, enhancing South Africa’s gaming sector and contributing to the country’s economic and social development.

Source: novomatic.co.za

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