4 Ways Proper Regulated Gambling Markets Benefits Africa

Gambling in Africa is a lucrative enterprise that has been growing at an unprecedented and exponential growth rate in the continent over the last decade and a half, particularly sports betting.

However, still, the region is relatively underdeveloped; the gambling industry in Africa is still emerging as a whole when it comes to the regulation of the sector in most African countries. Indeed there are signs that the African region is full of pent-up demand for notable international brands in the last decade.

However, they have been some significant amendments of regulations and legislations in some African countries but looking at things we would do an overview of what benefits regulated industry and the opportunities attached to it.

Improved Revenue Tax

They are no doubt about it sports betting is big business in Africa. It is the most popular among young adults in the region with a regulated sports betting industry. It will reduce illegal and curb underground sports betting. In contrast, it will also restrict foreign betting sites to target players from another country which they not licensed. In regards to these, for gaming boards, it will create an opportunity for more betting brands to license in whichever state players they intend to target. At the same time while another feature to tax betting brands that are not domiciled in the country while it will further generate substantial revenue to the gaming boards.

Attract More Investors

Proper regulation and clear cut gambling laws will attract more international brands to consider the region. Perhaps if significant numbers of countries in the area properly regulate the sector to meet the international standard while their clampdown on illegal gambling at the same time provide in details all relevant documentations, time frame to acquire gambling license in respective countries. Along with a clear cut tax, these will certainly attract investors as most of them will not want to spend forever time to acquire a gambling license. Investors will be much interested in investing in a country that their investment secured in regards to curbing illegal gambling reduced to the minimal level.

More Job Opportunities

The gaming ecosystem has contributed massively to the economy of different African states. In contrast, it has created employment opportunity, in which it also established a platform for young African entrepreneurs to dabbling into the gaming business. However, still a regulated gambling industry would see several betting brands to operate within a country at the same time attract more operators to consider acquiring a license in a country that as regulated gambling industry.

Curb Gambling Addiction

A properly regulated sector will curb gambling addiction particularly among young adults in the region; there is no doubt the industry has experienced tremendous growth over the years but this growth have created vacuum in the industry while many are worried about the growing problem of addiction in the region with so many reports from different African countries about the growing addiction in these blossoms African gaming ecosystem, gaming regulators need to look into the areas of partnering with major stakeholders to put in place such foundations to promote and help those that need attention while they will mandate brands to use in-built technology like (AI) Artificial Intelligence to their platforms that could detect possible gambling addiction this will further protect the industry in the long term if not some other countries might follow suit to ban gambling. Overall the future of the gambling industry depends on how quick the gaming boards, and governments and the major stakeholders could adapt to the long-term holistic approach to properly regulate the industry.

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