5 Footballers Who Love Casinos

Football players are some of the busiest people. Spending most of their time in rigorous training and playing in the Premier League, they hardly have enough leisure time to cool off. You’d be surprised to know that most famous footballers love real money gambling for leisure and as a way to ease stress.

Footballers like this activity, and so do we. After all, they are human beings like us and have their vices. Coupled with the fact that footballers are part of the highest earners in the industry, they have much more funds to leverage when gaming, making it a fun way to win big. Some players prefer to keep their interest in these casino activities private, while others are vocal about it. While some prefer online casinos, you might spot other players in land-based casinos across the globe in summer and preseason. For them, it is a way to have fun and win simultaneously.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This Swedish national is renowned as an elite player who will never be forgotten. Aside from his remarkable success in football, he is also known for achieving success in the i- gaming industry, his favorites being slots and poker and real money online casino games. Ibrahimovic became a brand ambassador for a Swedish online betting company Bethard owing to his growing inRuence in this space, attracting players from all over the world. He enjoys trying his luck, and is big on taking risks resulting in huge wins and losses.


Neymar has earned a reputation as one of the most successful strikers in history. However, his football success has also been replicated with online gambling in the i- gaming industry. He loves casino betting and participated in the 2015 European Poker Tour. He also made an in-person appearance at the 2022 World Series of Poker $10,000 Hold’Em. He is a brand ambassador for PokerStars and participated in the Brazilian Series of Poker, where he came sixth and won over $21,000. He is not shy about his interest in this activity, as he talks about it even on his social media platforms.

There have been rumors about the football player starting his own casino business after retiring. It is not known though if he is planning online or a chain of land-based centers across Europe.

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is considered one of the most talented goalkeepers in the industry, and is also one of the footballers who like gambling. He is known to place bets on various sports, including basketball, football, and even the Formula One races that are popular in the industry. His love for this activity has been obvious for a long period now. He has made huge wins playing casino games; although not a big online poker fan like other football players, his strength lies in slot machines and roulettes.

Aside from this activity, Mario Balotellii also knows how to share his wins as he was said to give a homeless man £1000 after a big win. This shows that there is more to Mario; although he is a sportsman and a gaming lover, he is committed to helping the needy.

Christiano Ronaldo

This name commands a lot of respect in the football industry. In fact, he’s said to be the greatest throughout history, and is a great poker player. With discipline being the main proponent of his success, he has his name written in history books. He is one of the highest paid footballer in the world and has won multiple trophies. Without a doubt, he’s also a successful gambler. It is one of his leisure activities, and he has always expressed his excitement for casino games. In fact, he has been spotted playing blackjack and roulette at different land-based centers across the globe.

Aside from football, he has also gained wide inRuence in the gambling industry, being a brand ambassador for PokerStars, and participating in many related advertisements.

Gerard Pique

This is one of the footballers who enjoy real money casino gameplay. Making his international debut in 2004 for Manchester United, he is renowned as one of the best defenders in Europe. This player has not only cashed out from football, but he has also cashed out big by winning more than half a million dollars in poker tournaments. Even though he is not a professional poker player, since his days in MU, Pique has honed his poker skills and participated in the €25,000 European Poker Tour High Roller Event in Barcelona.

He cashed out a whooping €352,000. In order to follow his success, check out the reviews for the online casinos real money, where you can enjoy exciting yet safe gameplay, and secure a big win.
He also came fifth in the NLHE tournament at Barcelona in 2017. His love for poker has resulted in many wins, but he has also experienced some losses. Pique’s interest in this activity has attracted a lot of attention, leading Barcelona’s management to hire a detective to track his gambling activities. Aside from his football career, Pique fulfilled his childhood dreams by launching his own game company Kerad Games. However, this company has been shut down.

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