5G Technology, Potential Big Changes to Kenya

According to the latest news, Kenya will soon launch 5G internet across the entire country. This is surely a step in the right direction. High-quality internet connection is essential for every country, especially if we consider the reliance on digital solutions, which bind today’s globalized societies. Digital infrastructure is crucial for the steady development of certain sectors of the economy.

5G is the next-generation wireless technology, which is due to overtake 4G internet completely. If all goes according to the plan, 5G technology will be 100 times faster than the existing 4G internet connection. The commercial roll-out of the new technology has already started in Kenya, with leading providers starting with the test phase. One of the biggest telecoms in Kenya, Safaricom is due to offer their 5G pack very soon.

What is more, Kenya invited Huawei, the second best-selling smartphone brand worldwide to provide the country with the right infrastructure. The proposal includes building 5G towers and necessary network equipment. While the brand has recently faced trouble in the US and several EU countries, Kenya is negotiating with the Chinese giant, with big plans down the line.

Michael Joseph, the Acting CEO of Safaricom said that they will be contacting Huawei again. Safaricom wants to negotiate with the company and come up with the best possible offer for the entire country. Nokia is also named as another potential vendor of telecom equipment.
5G industrialization

Africa is at a point where every single modernization process needs strong outside support. Outsourcing is the only viable alternative. The rapid technological advancement of the continent’s major countries, such as Egypt, Kenya, South Africa or Uganda, is closely linked to their development and well being of their societies.

The main benefits of 5G technology come down to its incredible speed and the overall quality of the connection. These improvements will surely have a positive impact on different processes and business operations in the country.

One of the main spheres of activity, which will be positively affected by these changes is gambling. The gambling industry is one of the world’s biggest industries. It has experienced drastic growth, especially after the introduction of online casinos and mobile betting sites. The number of its customers has sky-rocketed ever since, with more and more people taking to gambling online.

The industry relies on a steady flow of customers. Unfortunately, poor-quality internet connection makes it hard for users to play online casino games. It misses the whole point of gambling, in the comfort of your own home. The added value of playing at an online casino is lost, all due to technical problems. Without a doubt, 5G technology will be a great step forward and it will address the current problem. Improving the quality of internet connections across the country will benefit the entire gambling industry.

Mobile casino gambling has also increased in popularity over the past several years. Betting has seen steady growth as well. In order to properly operate on the market, betting and online casino providers need a good quality internet connection.

According to different surveys conducted in the UK and other European countries, betting operators are pleased with the introduction of 5G technology. Over 21% said that 5G contributed to an increase when it comes to the number of sports their platform users can bet on. 37% of active users said that 5G has enabled them to place bets through their phones. In turn, over 30% of respondents said that they avoid gambling online, due to connection issues. Only 14% of all gamblers said that they never faced any issues, which are linked to a poor connection.

Overall, the new 5G technology will benefit many sectors, which need a reliable internet connection for their successful operation. Across the board, companies and customers alike are pointing to the importance of good and high-quality internet connections. The gambling industry will be one of the first major business partners, to fully implement the new technology. All in all, we hope to see real, tangible results, which will benefit Kenya, in the long- and short-term period.

Source: nairobiwire.com

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