6 tech trends to watch out for in the world of online gambling

These are great times for the online gambling industry. More people are discovering the joys of being able to play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their living room.

Casinos are also working hard to provide players with the best experience possible in an attempt to retain more of them. The next few years should be interesting for the industry, not only because of global events but advances in technology as well. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends to watch out for in the online gambling industry.

Online Gaming Meets Video Games

One of the most interesting trends in online gambling right now is gamification or the introduction of elements of classic video gaming into gambling. Some online casinos will have a few games that will have these features, while others will present and market themselves as fully gamified casinos.

These could help bring more players from the traditional gaming scene into the fold. This is a trend that is also likely to grow stronger as older players start being replaced by younger ones who’ve been playing video games their whole lives.

It could also help attract players who never got into gambling because they didn’t like the pure luck aspect. Being able to use skill to increase your chances to win is a principle that was foreign to the idea of gambling until now and this could end up being revolutionary.

More Education

One thing that online casinos do much better is helping inexperienced players and those who’ve never played before. We can expect to see more online casinos using their platform for education not only to improve their image but to bring more new players in.

One example of a casino that’s doing that at the moment is Play Live Casino. Play Live have a range of casino guides that help players decipher some of the mysteries of online gambling. You can also use the Play Live casino guides to learn facts about some of the games in their selection and improve your overall gameplay.

Online casinos also understand the importance of content, especially as it pertains to SEO. Informational content allows them to showcase their top games while providing useful content that is likely to be read, appreciated, and shared. All of these things ultimately contribute to more visibility on search engines.

AR and VR Technology

AR and VR technology are at the cusp of going mainstream right now, and we can expect online casinos to be one of the first industries to fully embrace the technology. VR headsets are becoming more affordable than ever, and many software providers have shown interest in developing VR games.

Net Entertainment, which has always been known for innovation, just recently showed a model of a VR version of their popular slot Jack and the Beanstalk. As VR sets become more common and virtually all families have one we can expect the demand for online gambling sites to use the technology to increase.

Land-Based Casinos Entering the Scene

Land-based casinos have been struggling recently, but they’re not giving up yet. Many of them were reluctant to make the jump to online play for a variety of reasons, but they now have their backs against the wall. Casinos can no longer afford to ignore online players, and those who do not take the steps necessary to get with the times and at least offer some forms of online play are waiting for their doom.

Land-based casinos do have some advantages that may help them compete, like large cash reserves and brand recognition, but it could play against them as well. A lot of people love playing at smaller online-only casinos as they feel less oppressive and are more innovative. Traditional casinos may want to stick to their brand and offer a product that will not be interesting to true online players.

Online casinos have been doing this for years and have perfected the formula. They also have no issues working with outside software providers while brick-and-mortar casinos may try to stick to their proprietary games and platforms. This is another thing that could end up holding them back.

The Rise of Crypto Gaming

Cryptocurrencies have had a massive year and are slowly starting to be more visible at online casinos. Many online casinos have started accepting cryptocurrency and it could eventually become the norm.

A lot of players prefer being able to fund their accounts with cryptocurrency because of the privacy they afford. Some can simply not transact in their home currency because of restrictions.

Speaking of restrictions, advances in technology are also allowing more players from around the world to play online casinos even if they’re not available in their country. A player can now use a VPN and cryptocurrency to play at their favourite casinos and make transactions in a completely untraceable way. There is also a growing number of casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies and these will have much less stringent identification restrictions. This could end up broadening the base for online gambling and make it even more popular.

Increase in Free-to-Play Gaming

Another way online casinos have managed to circumvent geographical restrictions is by offering free-to-play versions of their sites. This way, they can still build brand recognition in these areas and hopefully convert players if there are changes in legislation or if players switch jurisdictions. Not only that, but operators can still monetise them through ads or game add-ons. These games give casino operators a lot of data that they can use on research, development, and marketing as well.

Social Gambling

Free-to-play gaming also spurred another trend, social gambling. Since these games don’t involve real money, they can be advertised through social media and appear in places like the Facebook App Center, which is why so many of them have a social aspect to them. Examples include Slotomania, House of Fun, and Jackpot Party Casino.

These are all trends everyone who’s interested in online gambling should watch out for. We can expect online casinos to give traditional casinos a ride for their money and more offline casinos trying to compete for the limited pool of players.

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