7 of Egypt’s Best Casinos

Egypt is one of the Arabic Countries to have many land-based casinos. They have 30 land-based casinos distributed across the major cities: Alexandria, Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, and Taba. Cairo has the largest number of Casinos, 20.

Egypt is a tourist destination filled with historical sites, UNESCO World Heritage sites, archaeological heritage, and the wild desert. Casinos in Egypt are a favorite destination by foreigners. Although Egypt is a Muslim country, casinos are legal in Egypt.

Apparently, due to the rigid laws, Egypt citizens cannot play in these casinos, only foreigners are allowed upon document check. The currency used in Egyptian casinos is US dollars and sometimes euros is used. Casinos in Egypt are open depending on the Casino’s policies. Below is a list of Egypt’s best casinos.

Casino Royale
Casino Royale is a beautiful place to play and enjoy, located in Sharm El-sheik. They have a professional team that ensures customer satisfaction. The casino is a clean place and has an exceptional bar. Their croupiers are well conversant with as many as four international languages including Russia, English, Italian, and Arabia.
Casino Royale was inspired by European casinos and contains classic games like Black Jack, Texas Holden Poker, Roulette, Poker, and multiple gaming machines. The doors are open between 8 pm to 5 am.

Vegas Casino
The casino has nice and friendly staff, you will enjoy your evening there. Vegas casino boasts of having the best dealers, the best games, and the best entertainment in Sharm El Sheikh. The restaurant offers delicious food plus they have a top-notch bar with great entertainment. Vegas casino has VIP sections.

Maritin Jolie Resort and Casino
The casino is located in Maritin Jolie Resort located in Sharm El-Sheikh. It offers a sophisticated casino experience from dining, bars, and games. The Maritin Jolie casino has a wide range of table games, poker games, and gambling machines.
A casino in a resort will offer everything you need. The resort features a luxurious hotel, a beach bar, and dining options such as Italian and French restaurants.

Casino Semiramis
Casino Semiramis is the best place for a person who is looking forward to playing and relax. The Semiramis provides a wonderful scenic view of the Pyramids, the Nile, and the city of Cairo. It was built in the early 1990s and continues to provide the casino glamor experience.

Casino Semiramis is located in Cairo and contains a lounge area, a brilliant cocktail bar, and a private gaming area. It has about 14 live tables, 35 gaming machines, five American Roulette, two Caribbean stud poker, and six black jack.

Caesars Cairo casino
Caesars Cairo is a classic casino located on the west banks of the River Nile. It is inside a luxurious hotel called Four Seasons First Residence Hotel. Caesars Cairo Casino is part of the Caesars Entertainment Group. Like the Semaramis casino, it offers a beautiful view of the legendary pyramid, the city of Cairo, and the River Nile.
Caesars Cairo casino offers an international casino experience. It has modern gaming areas including the VIP experience located on the main floor, a private gaming section, and a VVIP gaming experience. Players can play a variety of games like17 table games, 24 slots, and poker games.

Casino Barriere El Gezirah
Casino Barriere El Gezirah is a top-notch gambling casino located on the banks of the Nile in Cairo. It has three blackjack tables, five American roulette, eight slot machines, two stud poker tables, and 27 touch bet roulette tables.
It is situated inside a leisure resort casino that has a spa, outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, and high-end accommodation. It has five bars and seven restaurants that serve international cuisine like Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisines.

Sinai Grand casino
It is one of the finest Casino in Sharm El-sheik with the finest Italian restaurant and a beautiful poker room. It is housed by Sonesta Beach Resort that has 200 standard rooms.

Sinai Grand casino features games like Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker, Roulette, 8 Poker Tables, Black Jack, and 3-card Poker.

Sinai Grand Casino hosted the first poker tournament in Egypt in 2008.

From the variety of casinos mentioned above, it is clear that Egypt is not only a popular sports betting destination but also casino gambling country. Even though there are some Islamic rules against the practice, some parts of the country have installed betting and gambling premises.

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