A Beginner’s Guide to Football Betting

Football is without a doubt the most gambled sport in Africa. The countries leading in football gambling include Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. In 2018 alone, football gambling amounted to $37 billion and it is expected that the income in the subsequent years will surpass these figures.

Africans are naturally football (soccer) lovers since this game is introduced to most Africans at a very tender age. The growth of this industry is made aided by the accessibility to mobile phones and fast and affordable internet services in most of these African countries. It is thought that the high numbers of gamblers betting on various sorts is due to lox living standards and unemployment level making most young Africans to consider betting as a form of employment and not as a form of entertainment.

Everything You Need to Know about Football Betting

Sports betting is legal in most of Africans countries and remains regulated by the relevant government boards in charge of gambling and gaming.

The legal age for gambling begins between 18 and 25 years in most African countries. However, teens as young as 15 years have been actively engaged in gambling.

Before you consider placing a wager on any football match, you need to understand the various terminologies used in regards to sports betting and in particular, football betting.

Below is a list of vocabulary/ terms used by punters:
Stake: this is the amount of money placed on any bet, the money you get to win or lose after the event.
Handicap: when one of the teams plying is clearly the favorite, this type of bet is given to offer the other team an advantage.
Accumulator: this is a series of single bets placed together. For you to win each bet has to win which makes the accumulator bet quite risky.
Double chance: in this bet you get to choose a winner. You win if the winner picked wins or the match ends up as a draw and lose if the team loses.

How to Place a Bet on Football

In case you are new and wondering how to place your bet successfully, these are the seven simple steps to placing a bet.

1. Identifying the right bookmaker (betting company)

Just like any other investments, it’s advisable to check on the reviews of various betting sites available online. Find out their history and credibility to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

2. Making your deposits.

After identifying your bookmaker, checkout their various banking methods you can use to deposit cash into your betting account. Also look out for bonuses offered when you make a deposit using a specific method of cash transfer.

3. Analyzing the different games.

Here, your knowledge for this sport comes in handy. You need to look into the history of the teams participating. Your success depends on the odds you pick from a variety of matches available daily.

4. Making your picks.

These are the number of games you are allowed to pick for each betting slip. As a novice player, it is advisable to pick fewer games for a start as it gives you a higher chance of winning.

5. Reviewing your picks.

Make sure there are no errors on your betting slip and that you have picked the right odds. You can drop any odds that you are unsure or uncomfortablewith before hitting that ‘bet now’ button.

6. Entering a stake of the right/ desired amount.

Responsible betting it’s highly advocated for at this point. Only enter the amount you can afford losing. You could enter the minimum amount provided by the bookmarker as a requirement to place that particular bet.

7. Placing your bet.

You simply click the ‘place bet’ or ‘bet now’ button. By doing so, it means that you are totally okay with the choices made earlier.

Betting Tips

Engage in responsible betting and stop immediately you feel like betting has become a problem.
Only bet using the amount of money you can afford to lose. Use your head instead of your heart while betting; you don’t have to like a team to bet on the team as the winner.
Patience pays; know that you can’t always win. Take your time to learn the trends.


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