Afreko Media Amplifies Its Betting Platform Portfolio With The Acquisition Of Gamblers.Africa

The powerhouse in the African media landscape, Afreko Media, announced its acquisition of Gamblers.Africa, the sought-after online platform steering users to the top online casinos available in numerous African nations.

This acquisition is hot on the trails of Afreko Media’s earlier triumph in March 2023, when it brought BettingCompaniesAfrica (BCA) into its fold, manifesting the media giant’s determined pathway of growth for the year.

This acquisition marks a strategic partnership, embodying shared values of transparency and dedication to offering the African betting community the very best in the market. Afreko Media, heralded for its visionary insights, alongside Gamblers.Africa, revered for its finger-on-the-pulse iGaming news, are joining forces to craft an enriched environment where bettors can find well-curated information and premier betting experiences.

Joseph Muchiri, Content Specialist at BettingCompaniesAfrica, welcomed the acquisition with great anticipation:

“We are indeed in the midst of exciting times. Gamblers.Africa brings a rich legacy of linking users to the finest online casinos while staying ahead with the latest news. This aligns seamlessly with our mission at BCA to be the guiding light for users in navigating the best betting options in Africa.”

Afreko Media, with this acquisition, reinforces its steadfast commitment to steering the helm in the African betting and iGaming landscape. The synergy of BettingCompaniesAfrica’s expertise in sports betting and Gamblers.Africa’s acumen in casino and iGaming stands to offer a consolidated platform that meets the multifaceted needs of the African betting aficionados.

Adding to his earlier statement, Muchiri remarked:

“We remain steadfast in our vision to streamline and elevate the betting experience for our African audience. This acquisition empowers us to create a unified platform, bringing together the best of both worlds to offer an unparalleled product in the market.”

Afreko Media continues to carve out a path of influence in the global betting stage, vowing to provide its audience with the most trustworthy and exhaustive information. The future indeed looks promising, with a fresh and enriched perspective on the horizon.


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