Set to launch on Saturday 26th March 2022, Africa Millions is a new African lottery distributed in nearly 10 countries with 3 draws per week and a minimum jackpot of 50 million FCFA (≈USD 85,000).

Africa Millions is a new pan-African lottery that is set to launch in March 2022. Inspired by the success of pan-European Lotteries such as Euro-Millions and Euro-Jackpot as well as American multi-state lotteries such as the Mega Millions and the Powerball, Africa Millions is set to bridge the multi-country lottery gap in Africa.


Unlike most of the other multi-country lotteries, Africa Millions is designed with simplicity in mind in order to enhance not only the players’ engagement and experience but also increase their probability of winning. The game is based on the simple principle of choosing 5 numbers out of 50 at an affordable price of 300 FCFA (≈0.50 USD). This strategic positioning will be appealing to both experienced lottery players as well as the uninitiated.


The initial launch of Africa Millions will involve nearly 10 countries, among them Mali, Gabon, Cameroon, Chad, Madagascar and Mozambique, with other countries being able to join the lottery in the coming months.


The main advantage of Africa Millions will be the pooling of the jackpot (i.e. the pooling of all the stakes of the participating countries). This will make it possible to offer  large jackpots right from the 1st draw on the 26th of March. At launch, the minimum guaranteed jackpot for each draw is set at 50 million FCFA (≈ USD 85,000), but the jackpot will likely be progressively increased over time.

This jackpot will be shared between the lucky player(s) who will find the 5 winning numbers on a draw! For those who find 2, 3 or 4 correct numbers, the winnings are fixed odds: 2 times the stake for 2 correct numbers, 20 times the stake for 3 correct numbers and 600 times the stake for 4 correct numbers.


The game will be distributed locally by well established  operators in each country. Depending on the country, the game tickets will be available for purchase on the internet, via USSD or at a point of sale.


Players will be able to try their luck by buying tickets throughout the week with draws being held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to win the jackpot. In order to avoid any fraud, all draws shall always be conducted under the supervision of a bailiff.


To find out the results of the draws and news about the game, all information will be published on the official website as well as the official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.


First draw to be held on Saturday 26th March 2022.

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