Africa mobile markets impacts on gambling

Africa with the population of over 1.7 billion people (42% live in urban areas), demography is among the consideration for mobile users explosion in Africa and with the land mass of 30.37 million km square.

However, Africa is judiciously positioned to be the next big mobile market, enviously eyed by global investors for her enormous growth opportunities.

The continent’s real output growth is expected to reach 4.1% by the end of 2019; from an estimated 3.5% in 2018. The growth is expected as a result of improvement in macroeconomic conditions in the continent, while Mobile Economy contributed USD 110 billion to Africa’s GDP (7% of the total GDP) in 2017; and is expected to generate more than $150 billion (approximately 7.9% of GDP) by 2022. According to Jumia report.

Nevertheless, the growth of mobile will remain uneven, as the 54 African countries record varying performances, both in their respective mobile markets and the entire economies. However, with the falling prices of mobile phone in Africa and declining cost of mobile data plans availability and affordable Smartphone’s as led to an increase in mobile betting in Africa and this as also increase penetration of mobile money payments in Africa.

While out of 282 mobile money service operating worldwide, more than 50% is in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2017 Africa recorded 100 million active mobile money accounts (Used by 1/10 African adults). Approximately 66% of the combined adults of Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda use mobile money on an active basis.

Therefore, mobile phone has since become the most convenient tool for those gambling. South Africa having a higher internet and smart phones penetration in sub Saharan Africa. The 2017 Geopoll survey on gambling found that South Africa has the lowest number of people who use mobile phones to gamble.

“The mobile phone has become the most convenient tool for those gambling. Kenya about 75% of those who bet do so using their mobile phones and having the highest number of mobile usage for gambling at 96% geopoll said and with the highest number of people using mobile payments for betting.”

A very good example is M-pesa that is popular among the youth in Kenya and Tanzania.

However, smartphone usage will continue to grow all across the globe. With smartphone being the primary source of connection to the internet globally, the necessity of the devices will only become more demanding in years to come.

In Africa there are populations that are farther along in their adoption process than others.

Written by Adeleye Awakan Associate/Editor Africa’s leading digital gaming news portal expertise Marketing, Consultant on gaming in Africa, PR Communication.

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