Africa must tap opportunity before it in the gambling industry

The pandemic threatened to wipe out almost a decade of development progress in Africa, as the effect of weaker health systems, lockdowns, and evaporating tourism hit the region all at the same time, rendering millions of people jobless.

The African government should look before it and the opportunities and realize that the notion of relying heavily on its natural resources should be phased out and consider diversifying its economy. The gambling industry is one sector that is a billion-dollar industry today. The Africa gambling sphere has been growing and is one sector that is not getting enough attention as it is in most European countries. Several European governments realize the abundance of opportunities that beacon the industry through tax generation and job creation.

Africa has all the tools to be a leader in the betting and gambling industry, looking at the massive youthful population and the passion for sports is evident. The policymakers, stakeholders in Africa, must know that the industry is experiencing exponential growth and the sector needs the right policies to achieve sustainable development; to accomplish this, policymakers, stakeholders of each African countries must learn from other countries that have been experiencing continuous growth and draft favorable laws to suit their needs and for potential investors importantly follow tech momentum in regulating existing gambling laws to meet the standard it desires and reach that height of competing with notable betting and gambling markets globally. Even though the gambling industry still receives quite a lot of criticism decade backs and yet given that religion predominately always popular in Africa to date, some section of the population even passive gambling as unholy and devilish and not a fair account of good morals for those participating in it.

But in recent years, that notion is gradually fading, and the youths begin to realize it is more of an entertainment and another way of making money outside the context of the formal economy. Africa’s colossal unemployment rate has been the catalyst for the African government, and the growing population is becoming a big headache for African leaders to meet their infrastructural needs. Diversifying her economy is the only solution to this menace. The gambling industry is right before it to solve it; with the right policies in place, the gambling sphere can generate millions of revenue to government coffers and reduce unemployment and finance budget infrastructure.

For example, the UK is known as the home of the most popular league globally and looking at the numbers of betting companies. The figure they generate through tax revenue is worth billions of dollars today. Africa can reach that height if adequate measures are put in place, and stakeholders prioritize the industry with the right laws, regulations, and infrastructure in place build on digitalization that will propel economic growth. By 2050, the population in Africa will triple, and put all this into consideration, it will, of course, attract investors and put most countries in the continent at the global stage.

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