Africa operators adopt the TVBET product – say Emily Asava

TVBET was established in 2016 by CEO Peter Korpusenko, which brought together industry experts with rich records in igaming. The team was united by the idea of creating a perfect new product at the intersection of casino and sports betting.

For a better understanding of how to work in the sales department on TVBET, we asked for a conversation with Emily Asava.

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: What has been the journey so far in the gaming industry?

Emily Asava: With a background in business management and a passion for quality management, igaming was a new chapter to a book I found before me, where I saw a vacancy for a marketing coordinator, applied, and found myself in online gaming. The industry has positively challenged me in getting to know how and what shapes the betting field and how I need to position myself in terms of product knowledge and communication in my current role. There’s a lot to learn and so every day can be time to learn something new. Before joining TVBET I worked for a land-based casino.

Do you want to know if I like the industry? Yes, I love what I do!

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: How did you find yourself in TVBET?

Emily Asava: I worked in a land-based Casino and due to Covid-19 my position was declared redundant. I then made a post on Linkedin looking for a job, and as they say, the rest is history.

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: What kind of products does TVBET offer?

Emily Asava: TVBET offers hybrid live TV games. Why hybrid? Our games have 50% sportsbook features and 50% casino features; with this in mind, operators have a huge target audience and high potential to earn.

This has made our games stand out; they are not affected by sporting events, so an operator is comfortable with the fact that the players will always be entertained (engaged). We equally have competitive and practical business terms for all our clients and literally, walk with them from the point of integration to business continuity.

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: Why should Africa operators adopt the TVBET product?

Emily Asava: TVBET is simply a non-stop revenue-generating machine for African operators, and Africa is positively responding to our product. Our games have unique features: wide betting lines, promo codes functionalities, betting on future events, individually managed jackpots, unique design, and they are at a fast pace 24/7!

Our products are simple to play, i.e., from the champion of card games to the beginner or the one that wants to have fun, they all play to their maximum experience. Our games can be integrated on retail, web, or mobile while giving players the option of graphic mode in areas with weak internet access.

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: What are the challenges of selling content in Africa?

Emily Asava: Normally before I approach any platform, I research them to be sure they are missing out on the value we have for them, and my biggest challenge has been with the operators who do not understand what we really offer. Many of them will close on you and say we already have a provider for your kind of games, but they do not have us in reality. Trouble is trying to have their attention and enable them to see where and how different we are; we are added value.

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: We find out there are not many women in Africa selling software games, did you ever doubt yourself or felt intimidated as it is men dominated industry?

Emily Asava: Yes, when getting into the industry, there was a lot to learn, and when I noticed my colleagues were men, I doubted if I will be able to keep up with them, I wondered what I needed to do to perform as good as them because I did not want my performance to be obvious. My HOD has always inspired me to work further and not have doubts about anything. She is a great example of a strong and intelligent woman in the industry who achieves great results.

At some point, one client kept on referring to me as Sir. This went on until I told him I am a lady, and he mentioned he had never met a lady selling software games. He did not understand how I managed to do it.

But actually, I believe that the situation is changing. More and more women are getting engaged in the industry, and this is good news. Ultimately, if you do your job well, it doesn’t matter what gender you are.

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: Tell us some of the new products TVBET has launched in Africa and how many clients the company has gone live with?

Emily Asava: One of our main recent achievements in Africa was the launch of our products at retail brand AfricaBet. First of all, we’re glad that restrictions on visiting betting shops are loosened, and players may turn back to their favorite pastime. Secondly, we’re happy to show that our games work perfectly not only online but also in land-based points. We believe that more and more online and offline operators in Africa will pay attention to our product. Now a player from Zimbabwe may enjoy betting on our games in any AfricaBet’s point.

Also, not so long ago, we have launched our live games at KoolBet237 — the major online sports betting company in Cameroon. So, we’re available at multiple operators that are using popular gaming platforms and aggregators.

As for the new products, recently, we have launched the new live game Teen Patti. First, it was developed for our Asian partner, and it has Indian origin and oriental motives. But we already see that this game is interesting for an Asian player and players from other continents, Africa, in particular. We will be able to announce more accurate figures only after a while 🙂

E-PLAY Adeleye Awakan: Finally what plans does TVBET have for the future?

Emily Asava: At the moment, we have amazing ideas and huge plans. What I can say, that one more cool live game will be launched soon. Stay tuned and look for our releases 🙂

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