Africa will bring true potential for iGaming providers

Sportingtech recently unveiled its re-purposed omni-channel platform, Quantum, as part of the company’s strategy to build its presence in markets across the globe. The platform is currently live across a number of regions in Africa and the provider has its sights set on entering newly regulated markets within the continent.

We caught up with Sportingtech CEO Ivo Doroteia to learn more about the Quantum platform and how he sees the African betting market evolving over the coming months.

E-PLAY: How do you adapt the Quantum platform to ensure it meets the requirements of each market across Africa? For instance, do your operations in Ghana and Sierra Leona differ at all or is it predominantly the same platform offering?

Ivo Doroteia (ID): We all know that markets around the world have different focuses and needs depending on each country, so it’s only natural to see that same approach for Africa. Even though we see the same predominance of sportsbook betting within both Ghana and Sierra Leone, making that an unchanged focus on the platform, they however differ on the user’s means of approach and how engagement works. Whilst on one it’s better to engage directly with users via mobile messages, the other fares better with social media. While having these differences in mind, we offer a more suited platform to the operators to better excel on their market of choice. This is of course just the tip of the flexibility we offer with Quantum™.

E-PLAY: For operators looking to launch an online offering in Africa, what makes the Quantum platform so appealing and why?

ID: Our Quantum™ platform is the perfect fit for any operator looking to launch a new project or expand an existing project. The platform itself is extremely customisable and flexible to fit any operator’s needs, making it an obvious choice. Pairing our powerful features together gives operators the biggest freedom they could have in tailoring every aspect of their business to fit their player base needs and wants, from CRM tools to management tools, bonus engine powerhouse, custom API, CMS, marketing tools, among many others. We all know how important it is for operators to have their own essence and identity in the game.

E-PLAY: What added benefits does Quantum offer that helps improve operational efficiency for operators?

ID: The platform is very flexible, which means that operators can tweak every single aspect of it to better adapt for each desired market, offering the latest online and Retail solution designed to grow within this specific and demanding market. Each of our platform’s functions serves a specific purpose and we like to do things in a way that excels. For example, our Localised Service paired with our SRM are designed to help manage the betting markets and risk factor as efficiently as possible.

Our powerful bonus engine and CRM tools, which when put together allows the operator to tailor bonuses for any kind of event and at the same time maximise the reach of the bonus throughout the entire player base. Most importantly, Quantum not only offers Ussd as well as SMS betting but is made available on Opera Mini and other common solutions, making it possible for the end user to place their bets while being conscious of the data usage and technological infrastructures and limitations in some regions.

E-PLAY: What are the key products that resonate with African gamblers, is sports betting still the most popular?

ID: Sports betting is still the most popular product in Africa, however we have seen casino gain new ground. There are a lot more engagement features available to entertain users, such as jackpots and leader boards, which are proving popular.
From a sportsbook perspective, users are really engaged in betting on European matches, especially the big leagues such as the Premier League and Ligue 1, as well as the major European competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and other U23 Cups.

E-PLAY: Which markets in Africa do you operate in? Who are your biggest operator customers?

ID: Sportingtech is ready to cover most of the African region. We have active operations in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Benin and Angola. The Quantum platform is live with international and reputable brands, such as Beton, Ourbet, Sikapabet and Betsalone, making them our biggest operators in Africa.

As we are constantly expanding our portfolio, new operators keep emerging under our platform. We make sure to fully understand every aspect of the market to provide the best service for each operator and assist them in personalising their project to meet their own requirements.

E-PLAY: How do you see the African region developing over the coming months? Which countries are among the fastest growing and offer the biggest opportunities for Sportingtech?

ID: The African region is experiencing a higher proliferation in mobile technology and ever-growing access to smartphones. It is therefore fair to say that alongside these advances, Africa will bring true potential for iGaming providers, although the non-existence of regulations spanning across many countries of the continent is still an issue.

Regardless, that is set to change in the coming years and during our own market research, we have found that the biggest countries in Africa with the highest potential will be Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. With this in mind, Sportingtech is closely monitoring all these markets to ensure we have a presence. Our focus is always to be on top of emerging markets and assist emerging operators in becoming first class. Sportingtech has a representation office in Angola and Nigeria, working closely with local companies that support existing customers on a daily basis both technically and regulatory.

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