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If you are a gambler or aspiring to be one, by now you must have realized that gambling is one of the most lucrative activities that one can indulge in. This is because you can have fun while socializing and making money.

The gambling industry has been on the constant rise here in Africa. This is because technology has spread in almost all regions in Africa. This has paved the way for gaming providers to invest in the industry by providing various gaming platforms and technologies.

Just like the number of tribes, languages, and cultures in Africa are diverse, so are the forms of gambling in Africa. You can gamble from your favorite land-based casino, online casino, betting shop, or bitcoin casino. Additionally, you can place a wager on any game/sport of your choice. In short, everything you could ever dream of in terms of betting is available in the following top-rated cities in Africa.

Johannesburg in South Africa

South Africa is the African country with the largest gambling industry. There is a wide variety of sports famous in SA. Punters can bet on horse races, sports, table games and slots.
Johannesburg is the capital city of the country and has a total of 4 casinos within it. Casinos are part of the nightlife in the city amongst other entertainment joints, such as dining facilities, and clubs. If you are seeking to have fun, you can play casino games such as slots, craps, baccarat, blackjack, and poker from any of these casinos:
a. Montecasino
b. Gold Reef City Casino
c. Emperors Place Casino resort and hotel
d. Turffontein Racecourse

Nairobi in Kenya

Gambling is inevitably tied to tourism. This is because tourists account for the largest number of guests visiting casinos at any given time. For this reason, you will find that most casino resorts are situated near major international airports are near tourist attraction sites. Both domestic and foreign tourists are targeted to visit casinos as part of their vacation.

Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city and is centrally located in the country. The city boasts of one of the largest international airports in East Africa- the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport- and being the only city with an animal national park.

Casinos are the epitome of nightlife in Nairobi. This is because various casinos are located in luxurious malls and resorts that ensure that gamblers have a good time in their world-class facilities.

You can play your favorite slots, poker and table games while enjoying sumptuous delicacies from the hotels.

If you are visiting Nairobi, you might want to check out the following casinos:
a. Mayfair Casino
b. Pink Apple Casino
c. The Flamingo Casino
d. Finix Casino

Kampala, Uganda

If you are seeking to have a memorable stay in Uganda, Kampala is the city to visit. This is because the best of the casinos and nightlifeexperiences can only be found here. The culture and food in Kampala is one of a kind.

Ugandans like other Africans have an affinity to sports betting as compared to other forms of gambling. This has attracted many bookies to run casinos and online casinos accepting Ugandan players. This has exposed more youths to gambling which attracts prohibition from the government. This, however, has not stopped the city from being a gambling city.

If you are visiting, here are the casinos to look out for:
a. Simba casino
b. Mayfair Casino
c. Casino Rigel
d. Kampala Casino

Casablanca, Morocco

Despite being a Muslim dominated country, Morocco has stood out as a major gambling nation in Africa. This country boasts of the most outstanding beach casinos. This means that as a gambler you experience heavenly services from the world-class facilities in Casablanca. Nothing feels refreshing like playing your best casino game, having the chance to win a bet, and watching the beauty of the ocean. Besides the brick and mortar casinos, Moroccans can place their bets on sports betting platforms, online casinos and lotteries.

If you wish to socialize while on a vacation, these are the casinos to watch out for:
a. Mazagan Beach Resort and Casino
b. Casino Malabata Tanger
c. Atlantic palace casino
d. Casino La Mamounia

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