Africa’s Best Virtual Reality Casinos and Casino Games

Virtual reality is a technology that is continually revolutionizing the gaming industry all around the world. Online casinos both real money and entertainment casinos have embraced VR technology as a new way to entertain their gaming fans as well as offer them a chance to win real cash prizes.

If this term is new to you and you are wondering how Virtual Reality casinos work, you are in the right place. Just read on and find out everything you need to know about this revolutionary gaming technology.

Virtual reality is a technology that places players in an illusion that makes them feel as if they were inside a real casino. We all love the part where a favorite actor gets teleported to another destination. Well, with virtual reality your mind gets teleported to another dimension. You get placed on the floors of the casino. Isn’t this what we all dream of? For instance, currently, most casinos are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means we can’t visit our favorite entertainment joints for gaming. Virtual reality makes sure you are safe in the confines of your home and entertained as well. You just need to put on your headset and travel to the casino where you can play your favorite casino games.

To make your experience as a player more immersive, you can observe the gestures used by the other players and copy them to interact with casino dealers. You can as well access detailed gaming rooms within the casino and even better get to sit around a 3D table with other players while interacting with a live dealer.

Virtual reality casino games

You must be wondering what you get to play once you put your headset on and already explored the casino games. You need not worry. All your usual casino games are available on virtual reality. Specific games have, however, been manipulated a bit to make sure that the virtual reality platform harnesses the real casino experience. Some of the games we are going to discuss include Blackjack and Poker. These two casino games are some of the most played table games in most countries in Africa. For this reason, we will be focusing on them.

1. BJ Bailey

Blackjack Bailey is a virtual reality variation of the traditional Blackjack table game. As I mentioned earlier, this blackjack game is similar to the traditional blackjack. You don’t need to train afresh if you already are a Blackjack fan. The rules remain the same as those of the standard blackjack game. With BJ Bailey you get to share a table with a live dealer as if you were in a real casino

2. Virtual Reality Poker

Poker is arguably one of the most popular card games in Africa. It doesn’t have to be played in a casino card room. Walk into any gaming establishment, a group of youths or old men in the street of the village and you will find them poker. Virtual reality heightens your entertainment experience by bringing the real casino setting right in front of your eyes. If you are afraid of getting roasted on an online poker platform, don’t worry, we recommend that you use this game which is purely recreational and not a real money game to gear up for that poker tournament where you can win real cash prizes.

Best African virtual reality casinos

The list of African online casinos offering virtual reality games is endless. Our job is to tip you on the best international casinos that are reputable and very reliable. Of late, most online casinos have adopted virtual reality technology as a way to bridge the gap created by the lockdown making it hard for people to visit casinos and gambling establishments.

1. Casino Slotsmillion
2. VR Poker
3. Mr. Green

The Covid-19 pandemic has awakened the gambling operators who have realized that it is no longer safe to just rely on live sporting events, that is why they have adopted virtual reality as a way of gaming. In fact, it is more entertaining because the player can choose the type of game and virtual environment that they would like to engage in. This platform does not rely on real games, therefore it will be around for as long as technology exists.

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