AI shaping Igaming in Sub-Saharan Africa

Artificial intelligence has gone far from the days of its inception. At first, an AI was able to do almost everything and was shunned for its failure. Nowadays, AIs is shaping the gaming ecosystem in sub-Saharan Africa.

However, online gambling industry is a great example of how technology can create problems and solutions. Therefore, Artificial inteligence technology is influencing the igaming industry with is unique features to create a better in-game user experience and how to better serve ads to current or potential clients through real-time personalization, this unique feature is an enhancement of user experience through providing human-like customer service powered by machine learning.

Furthermore, AI technology also process a quick user queries, automated customer support can be quick, efficient and human-like. For example, imagine asking question to chatbots that actually responds like a person-giving you answers based precisely on your profile.

AIs technology also, has been able to detect addiction problem, especially gambling addiction is a serious problem and can lead to depression, great loss of money and even broken up marriages and can lead to suicide.

Furthermore, AI data that can point to a possible addiction, but if it is ignored, and then it might as well not exist, An AI which can track and warn the site’s staff of a possible addiction is not only possible, but already tested and implemented. Online bookmakers try their best to warn people and promote reasonable and responsible gambling, but they can only do so much, gambling addiction can be stopped early, much more easily than later with AI in gaming site.

However, as stated earlier this technology and its advancement are shaping the gaming industry, the online bookmakers in the gaming industry are embracing these unique features to their gaming platforms to better serve a good customer’s experience, understanding or predicting punters behavior based on experience, and attracting potential customers to their gaming platforms through Ads.

According to recent study conducted by Geopoll said, the rate of online gambling in SSA among the youth between age 17-35 based on the statistics on the average 54% of the youth in SSA place bets online, while Nigeria 30% of Nigerian youth are active online bettors, and 95% of the youth in Kenya, are involved in online betting, making Kenya the highest in SSA while Ghana is the least in SSA according to geopoll 2018.

Artificial intelligence has taken the pedestral of interest and development lately; it’s found its way into online gambling.

However, there might be no mention of AI in the review of the horse’s mouth or any other bookmakers review, but that doesn’t mean they do not use this technology. AI is changing the SSA gaming industry and the rest of the world, whether by having self-driving cars or monitors that can warn people of a possible addiction, change is inevitable, online gambling is also likely to be changed by the ever-developing AI, through prediction bots to customer-oriented ones.

Furthermore, AI has become an integral part of our everyday lives and it is influencing all sectors of the economy. Even though the technology isn’t a new concept in the gambling industry, it’s still growing at a slow pace. Over the years, punters have been choosing online gambling over placing bets in brick-and-mortar casinos and shops, while online betting sites are trying as much as possible to provide an excellent customer experience and games can be played from anywhere in the world.

Written by Adeleye Awakan Associate

Editor Africa’s leading digital gamine magazine. Expertise Marketing, Communication, consultant on gaming in Africa and PR.
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