Alternatives to Credit Card Payments

Millions of players all over the world have been using credit cards to fund their casino accounts and gamble for real money. However, in the United Kingdom, this is not an option today. You will have to use a different method due to the fact UKLGC doesn’t allow players to make these deposits.

Here we will cover the topic even better and obviously in detail. We will also present to you all the alternatives you need to know about.

Credit Cards Payments Still Leading

Despite the ban credit cards are still massively used for online payments to online casinos. See, players still have options. They can play at online casinos that don’t have a license. As such, these credit card deposit sites are available and players can deposit funds using this safe method. There are countless casinos out there where you can still use your own credit card and these sites are more popular than ever before.

One of many reasons why credit cards are popular for these transactions is obvious. A lot of players have these in their wallets and they can use them every single time if they like. Being unable to use your own credit card to fund an account at an online casino honestly doesn’t make any sense. It is your money after all. You will pay it all back.

Possible Payment Alternatives

As stated above, you cannot use credit cards to fund the casino account at the UKGC sites. But, there are options. There are alternatives you can use right now if you like and some of them are even more popular and appealing to users. Each one of the methods from below is a safe and secure method that has been used for years and by millions. Once you know all about each one, you can choose the method that you like the most.


PayPal can be one of the best methods you fund a casino account and withdrawing it. This is an e-wallet so all you have to do is to add a funding source and you can use it. A banking source can be a card or a bank account. Now you can make instant deposits and withdrawals to a lot of different casinos.

A good thing here is that PayPal will cooperate with only legal and safe casinos. You cannot use this method at a casino that is not reputable. The only issue here is that PayPal is not a common payment method at online casinos. We can say that it is limited. On the other hand, it is commonly used by people who want to pay for items and services.


If you are one of many who have been using cryptocurrencies, you already know how appealing they are. The majority of iGaming companies have already applied crypto in their business so this option is highly popular among players. These transactions are instant and they can be used at most online casinos these days. You need one e-wallet where you can keep the cryptocurrencies and you are good to go. The security and anonymity when using crypto are extreme so you can see why a lot of players want to use it.


Skrill is another e-wallet. It is similar to PayPal so all the things we have said apply to this method as well. A major difference is the fact Skrill is more focused on online gambling than PayPal. You can use it for payments as well, but this is a less popular and less common method for that.

Yes, you can use it for deposits and for withdrawals. The transactions are secure and instant. Skrill is one of the most commonly used methods in the online gambling industry and one that has been used by millions.


Here we have an interesting method. Boku allows you to deposit funds to the online casino using your carrier telephone number. All the money you deposit will be added to your monthly bill. Basically, you will pay for the casino deposit at the end of a month using your telephone bill.

There is no need to add that you cannot use it for withdrawals. But, it is extremely safe and appealing to a long of gamblers from all over the world.

Bank wire transfer

A lot of players still use bank wire transfers. This method is ideal for high rollers because they can use it to deposit massive amounts of money and withdraw huge winnings. One advantage here is the simplicity. Most players have a bank account so they can use it. Internet banking is widely spread nowadays but this method might be slower than others. As an advantage is a fact countless casinos already accept this method so you can use it for the site where you want rot gamble.

The only issue here is that withdrawals are slow. You may have to wait for a couple of days. Some casinos will process these transactions within 10 days which is long considering e-wallet payments are instant.

If you don’t have or you cannot use a credit card to gamble online, these are alternatives you have available and ready right now. Just pick the one you like most and start gambling. All of these are popular and secure options that have been used in the online gambling industry for ages. Countless online casinos will support all of these, so you can use this to your advantage.


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