Amid Covid-19 pandemic Ghana set date to open its airspace for Tourism

Ghana’s West African nation set September 1 towards reopening the country’s air space for international travel and tourism. Ghana’s international airports shut down on March 22 as part of the movement restrictions imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus.

That has seen 42,532 confirmed cases, 40,362 recovered, and 231 deaths recorded in the country according to the Worldmeter coronavirus data. However, according to the president, Nana Akufo-Addo delivered the speech at the 15th national address measures taken against the spread of Covid-19 in Ghana. Nana Akufo-Addo said that the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) have been working with the department of health and its agencies to ascertain our readiness to reopen our airports for tourism. The country is in a position to test every passenger who arrives in the country to avoid the spread of the virus. This report came as exciting news to the country’s tourism sector and interestingly for land-based casino operators in the country.

That relies on tourists, which as it is often seen, their business activities take place in hotels and bars. At the same time, the anticipated opening of the country’s airspace will help the hailing tourism sector and the land-based casino business. It is fascinating to know that over the last five years, Ghana heralded as a prominent tourist destination that has seen casino business in this country a lucrative one in recent years. The country is rich in histories, such as being the first West African nation to gain independence and a destination for the Africa trans-Atlantic Slave trade and its wildlife. Some of this history and original edifice made the country one of the hot spots for tourists.

Particularly over the years, African Americans have been tripping into the country in recent times for the year of return sordid history of black slavery concerning this. The government unveiled a 15-year long-term tourism plan that seeks to increase the annual number of tourists to Ghana from one million to eight million per year at the same time generated revenue of $8.3 billion yearly by 2027. Consequently, tourism has been severely affected due to the pandemic that has seen the region lose $55 billion in the travel and tourism sectors in the past four months, while tourism accounts for 6.8% for jobs in Africa. The African Union says Airlines alone have lost about $8 billion. However, as mentioned earlier, with the Ghana government set to open its airspace for an international flight, it is considered that casino business and the tourism business expected to pick-up, as both sectors work hand-in-hand as it is in Ghana land-based casino outlet located in hotels and bars.

Thus Casino business is relatively not new in Ghana has the country boasts several land-based casino outlets across the region. Perhaps, it is touted that several licensed land-based casinos operate in relative freedom. You’ll find no less than six different casinos in the capital city Accra alone, with the most famous being the Piccadilly in the up-market and vibrant Osu region of the city. In Tema, there are two casinos to choose from, the Golden Dragon and the Casino Crown. While over in Kusami, the millionaire’s casino provides quality gaming within the luxurious surroundings of the Golden Tulip hotel complex. These establishments cater to players who want to enjoy slot, table games, and cards in glamorous surroundings.

However, it is expected with the set date to open its airspace tourism and casino business sector expected to boost the country’s hailing economy. Through a tax collection, these sectors contribute to the GDP of the country, in which both areas play an integral part in the recent economic growth it experienced in past years.

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