Impending SpaceX Launch in 2022- Pivotal to Nigeria Online Gambling Industry

An American aerospace manufacturer talks with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to secure licenses needed to launch Starlink. A low-earth orbiting (LOE) constellation satellite provides low latency, high bandwidth internet to consumers in Nigeria and has identified Nigeria as a critical market.

However, the impending launch of this project has been touted to aid the Nigerian National Broadband targets of providing affordable internet access to 90 per cent of its population by 2025, capturing the coverage of rural unserved, and underserved areas of the country. The generation’s finest innovator is coming to Nigeria with this product. According to the NCC, the company has been speaking with the agency virtually for over some months now. SpaceX’s team was led by Ryan Goodnight, market access director for Africa, and supported by Levin Born. A consultant for the company said they are working with industry regulator (NCC) for permits to pipe broadband via satellite, bringing a new domain in the ICT space in the country.

In contrast, the agency responded said they would work on necessary modalities to ensure that it balances the need for healthy competition concerning new technologies to protect all industry stakeholders from its internet satellite service to provide affordable internet.

Impact on Nigeria Online Gambling

This approach by the Starlink Company offers a new order to what the terrestrial players in the telecom space, which the Nigerian populace like MTN, Airtel, and Glo, offering mobile voice and internet service. The impending launch of the service will transform the internet space in Nigeria that has been long overdue for Nigerians that often experience fluctuation in this service. And this service comes at a high cost for the low-income population and while not being able to capture the remote, rural areas. This has been a barrier to businesses’ uptake, particularly mobile online betting and gambling. Therefore, impending SpaceX’s service has been touted to bring a new life to telecom space with quality internet service at affordable prices and capturing both the unserved and underserved population. This service will improve customers experience on broadband connectivity, unbounded and unconstrained by the usual terrestrial challenge that Nigerians experience.

At the same time, it will transform the gambling industry and a great significance to SME, startups, e-commerce, financial institution, logistics, and other sectors of the economy. However, in the era of affordable internet, that will be the years we will begin a new dawn of immerse connectivity for Nigerians. In essence, every Nigerians can surf everything online at the comfort of their homes. This will be allowed for immersion connectivity for Nigerians and aid in the digital economy goal even though operators in the gambling and betting industry experienced traction of players using mobile phones to place a wager on their favourite bookie during the national lockdown.

Though millions of bettors were left out due to unaffordable data, low broadband penetration is a result of the inability of the terrestrial telecom sector to cover the rural and remote areas as it is uneven. It fluctuates between concrete, state-of-the-art constructions, and rudimentary and insufficient equipment to serve the enormous demography. In essence, some of this has been one barrier to uptake of online gambling and betting.

As mentioned in the article, the impending Spacelink will be the changer Nigerians have been clamouring for this service will create a competitive market and improve the existing network. This initiative is paramount to the region’s digital economy goal and the country’s target of reaching 90 per cent of internet broadband connections.

This technology will be a game-changer to the Nigerian gambling and betting industry. It is interesting to know this service will become a reality in Nigeria. The gambling industry relies heavily on stable and affordable internet bundles to reach that tipping point of growth. The Spacex service will be of great significance for achieving significant GGR for operators in the gambling industry.

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