An Overview Of The Kenyan Bettor

In the heart of Africa’s gambling scene lies Kenya. According to this post by Harry Bor, it has the third biggest gambling market in Africa, estimated at Sh200 billion annually. The demographic growth of the young population, along with mobile devices and internet popularization are just a few factors that make Kenya such a strong country in iGaming.

It’s no surprise that the Kenyan online gambling market is expected to reach 366k users by 2028 according to this research by Statista. But how is this market behaving when facing such growth?

Although not as lucrative as South Africa or Nigeria’s gaming market, Kenya has a very solid gambling culture. According to a TGM survey, most Kenyan bettors are between 35 to 44 years old, although a considerable amount of people start betting monthly or weekly at the age of 18. Betting on sports, particularly football, is deeply ingrained in the African routine, as it adds an extra layer of passion to the games. In fact, by the time of the survey, 82% of Africans intended to bet on the World Cup results.

Furthermore, the accessibility of online betting platforms have contributed to its popularity. That’s a reason why 97% of Kenyans prefer to bet on esports online. With the widespread use of mobile technology and the availability of gambling platforms, betting is more accessible than ever before.

Frequency of Gambling

Surprisingly, 83.90% of Kenyans interviewed admitted to trying their luck at gambling, surpassing even Nigeria (78.31%) and South Africa (74.03%). We can attribute these results to M-Pesa, the first mobile money service in the African continent, being born in Kenya. Research by states that “The M-Pesa has played a big role in encouraging savings and (…) facilitated a surge in sports betting. It has also opened doors for Kenyan youths to play various online games, such as the Fortune Tiger.”

What’s more intriguing is the frequency; while other nations bet monthly, Kenyans engage in this activity weekly, some even daily. When surveyed, 15.82% of Kenyan bettors revealed the habit of betting more than once a day, surpassing South Africa (14.96%) and Nigeria (14.29%).

However, the difference in the monthly betting patterns is evident. While South Africans and Nigerians tend to bet more than once a month at the highest rate (48.91% and 44.44% respectively), Kenyans who engage in monthly betting constitute approximately 28.53%.

In contrast, emerging markets like Brazil show distinct betting habits compared to African counterparts. According to a study by KTO, 61% of Brazilians bet occasionally or monthly, surpassing the surveyed African countries in this aspect. Among Brazilians preferred games are slots, crash games, roulette, bingo, and game shows. However, the constancy decreases weekly, with only 22% of bettors admitting to this frequency. Additionally, 8% of Brazilians tend to bet daily.

Average Monthly Spent

When it comes to spending habits, most Kenyans (80%) claim to spend below $5 USD monthly. However, the sheer volume of participants makes Kenya a key player in the gambling economy, trailing closely behind Nigeria in average spending.

As observed in this Finance Uncovered website article, “Kenya has an adult population of around 35 million, according to 2019 population census figures released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statics (KNBS). The average amount bet per stake was Sh170”.

What do people bet on

In Kenya, sports betting extends beyond traditional favorites. Football reigns supreme, offering wide betting opportunities across various online platforms. Additionally, Kenyan bettors show interest in athletics, particularly track and field events, where nation’s world-class runners frequently compete. Major tournaments like the World Athletics Championships and the Olympics attract considerable betting activity, with sprinting and marathon events. Rugby, tennis, and mixed martial arts (MMA) round out the top five sports to bet on in Kenya, offering diverse markets and opportunities for enthusiasts.

Although sports hold 83% of bettors’ attention, lottery bets are also very popular in Kenya, holding 11% of bets. Following closely, online casino platforms and iGaming are becoming very popular in the country, being the top three preferred games Poker, Slot Machines, and Roulette games.

The Kenyan betting landscape is rapidly evolving, marked by a diverse range of participants and preferences. With a solid gambling culture deeply rooted in society, Kenyan bettors’ keen interest in sports betting, particularly football and athletics, grow alongside with lottery games and online casino platforms.

Despite economic hurdles, the possibility of financial gains remains a driving force, and the pivotal role of the gambling industry in Kenya.


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