Are City Favourites for the Champions League with Haaland

Manchester City has won the Champions League six times(2011,2013,2017,2018,2020, and 2021)? They are currently occupying the number one spot at the league table and judging by their previous matches; they have an excellent chance of being crowned champions. So with or without Haaland, their chances are pretty good, but we want to see the magician that is Haaland at work.

Who is Haaland

Born Erling Braut Haaland, the sensational number 9 striker hails from Norway. The only thing longer than the list of nicknames he has is the number of goals he has scored. This season is about the Haaland show; we all want front-row seats. When he played for Bryne’s senior team, the 22-year-old entered the professional football scene in 2016. The following year he moved to Molde before signing with Red Bull Salzburg in 2019. By the end of the year, he was with Borussia Dortmund and won the 2020/21 DFB-Pokal with them. Man City secured the golden boots of Haaland in July 2022 for a £51 million fee. With Haaland on the team, Man City’s odds of winning the Champions League have almost doubled, and that’s not surprising considering the striker scored 41 goals from 41 games while at Dortmund.

Can Man City Lift the Trophy?

They have done it six times before, and at the rate they are going, it looks like they will lift it for the seventh time at the end of this season. The odds of Man City winning the quadruple are 25/1 but don’t take our word for it. Check the 10bet online sports betting app and platform for even more options and favourable odds for Man City. The acquisition of Haaland is an excellent reason why Man City could win the Champions League, but he is not the only reason.

  • Guardiola has built a formidable team this season; the two-time Champions League winner looks set to lift the trophy for the third time. From Foden’s experience, Dias’s formidable defence and Haaland’s golden boots, Guardiola has covered his bases. A team is not made up of three people, but he has a solid foundation.
  • The addition of Haaland to the team has created a great partnership between him and De Bruyn. Haaland’s presence has made De Bruyn the perfect muse assist.
  • New players Kalvin Phillips, Julian Alvarez, Manuel Akanji and Sergio Gomez will all want to prove their worth and strengthen the team. Ederson has matured and grown as a goalkeeper, demonstrating he is a tactical player.


Man City manager Guardiola has stressed the importance of not relying solely on Haaland to win the Championship, and we agree with that sentiment. One person ever carried a team, but the presence of Haaland has proven beneficial for the team and not just in goals scored. It cultivated a competitive spirit within the team. Everybody wants to ensure they utilize opportunities effectively. A case in point was Mahrez, who was last season’s top goal scorer. With a slow start to the season, he was benched until his fitness was on par. Judging by his performance against Copenhagen, we can say he has bounced back to form.

Rankings and Upcoming Fixtures

Man City are currently at the top of the league with 23 points from nine games and a clean sheet of losses. Haalands’ hat tricks have certainly done the trick for City. They are closely followed by Arsenal, who have 21 points from eight games, and Newcastle closes off the top five with 14 points.


Last season Man City made it to the semi-finals only to be blindsided by Real Madrid in a 3-1 loss, so we are sure that Guardiola will be more cautious this season. So the next games will be crucial for the team. After their victory against Southampton, they will step on the field against Liverpool more confidently and, hopefully, Haaland in the starting eleven. The next three fixtures are as follows:


Man City vs Liverpool 16th October

Man City vs Brighton 22nd October

The game against Arsenal is still to be confirmed.


Our Verdict

Manchester City is definitely the favourite to win this Champions League thanks to the managing genius of Guardiola, the goal-reaping yeti Erling Haaland and the formidable team tuned and refined by all at Man City. This season has proven to be engaging and fun-filled with flair and unbelievable moments thanks to the likes of Mahrez and Haaland. It’s like watching a great Netflix series where each episode is better than the one before, and we cannot wait for the next episode.

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