Are Online Casinos the future of gambling post-Corona?

One of the most exciting facts about Africa is that, just like most continents, Africa supports both brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos. Both land-based casinos and online casinos cannot be torn apart. This is because each has very unique features.

For instance, during the lockdown, online casinos have proven to be immune and unaffected, more people engaged in online gambling during the lockdown. On the other hand, Land-based casinos provide a good bonding time during social events, such as having fun with family and friends, or colleagues.

Africa is generally a great continent concerning gambling. Besides casinos, Africa is also home to sports betting, horseracing, and lotteries. Unlike land-based casinos which have very detailed regulations and laws, online casinos and iGaming at large lacks proper regulations. This, however, doesn’t prevent the online casino market from growing and developing rapidly all over the continent

Technological advancement is one of the factors that accounts for the rapid growth of online casinos in Africa. This is because computers, smartphones, fast internet, and mobile transfer platforms are now spread and accessible in almost all regions of this developing continent. Large youth populations also are among the greatest gambling section of the African population.

Some countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are some of the greatest and diverse gambling nations with world-class gambling establishments with state of the art facilities. Online casinos are not much different from land-based casinos. This means that you can access most of your favorite games from these casinos, and even much more. The fun is left in your own hands, to get to play at any time of the day, unlike in land-based where you have to wait for the facility to open. Online casinos gift their customers with bonuses and offers. This is usually a marketing strategy to attract new customers and maintain old ones as well.

Best African Online Casinos
1. Win A Day Casino
2. Redbet Casino
3. BitStarz Casino
4. Slotland Casino

Best games in online casinos
1. Slots
2. Table Games
3. Video Poker
4. Live Dealer games

Cash transfer methods acceptable
Currency is one of the major considerations gambling platforms have. This is especially because most of these platforms are offshore, therefore run by international firms. To cater to the diverse gambling communities with different currencies and technologies, the firms provide a variety of cash transfer mechanisms to allow easy transfer of money.

1. E-wallets
Some of the most secure and widely used e-wallets are Neteller, Skrill, and Payoneer. This method of payment serves as an intermediary between the gambler and the site. This protects your private details from the gambling platform. These wallets are funded by your bank account. This method reduces the occurrence of errors as well as insecurity.

2. Credit and Debit Card
Some examples include the MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa. All the above companies are reputable and safe to use. Before using these services, the players should review the betting operator, so s to ensure the safety of their private banking information.

3. Wire Transfer
Wire transfer involves the direct funding of bank accounts through cash transfer services. Some of these include the Western Union and MoneyGram. They are available for African sites. This is because most Africans rely on cash transfer platforms that are also very secure.

4. Online Payment Processing Services
These are payment services available on different devices. These services are more secure and have a greater speed. They also offer very lox cash processing fees, making them the best option for most Africans.
The Bottom Line

In the past few months when the entire globe has been under lockdown, online gambling and casinos have conducted their businesses as usual. This is because land-based casinos have been closed amidst fears of coronavirus infections. Learning and other aspects of life have been happening online, why not gambling?

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