Are sports Bettors in Zimbabwe Feeling the coronavirus pinch?

Every country around the globe is feeling the coronavirus heat. Almost, if not all industries are bowing to the impacts of this pandemic and the sports betting industry in Zimbabwe is no different.

Harare, which is one of the largest informal economies in Zimbabwe, began feeling the pinch of Covid19 long before any case had been recorded in the African continent.

At the time of writing this article, there are only 24 reported cases, but the impact of the worldwide cancellation of events can already be felt in Zimbabwe’s gambling industry. Before this pandemic, the country had seen a boom in the industry which had turned to a 24/7 business endeavor among many Zimbabwean youths.

In one Reddit group, a member said he has been betting for the past five years and making a monthly income of between $150 to $200 just on gambling on major football leagues. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, the 45-year-old has sort to selling Madora on the streets and can only hope that a solution to the Covid19 will be found sooner.

State of Unemployment

The rate of unemployment in Zimbabwe is approximately 85%. And this is about to get worse, considering the current state of the economy. As earlier mentioned, most bettors in the country use sports betting as their livelihood and currently, they are not making any money. The current lockdown does not make things any better since most people will be out of work and companies might end up laying off employees. The uncertainty of when this pandemic will be over is bound to weigh heavily on a weak economy such as Zimbabwe’s.

Alternatives to Sports Betting During This Pandemic

Since the sports betting industry is currently on hold, most punters who obtained their main livelihood on betting are now looking for alternatives to keep them afloat. Not to say that the pandemic is a good thing, but with the lockdown, this is the best time to explore other sources of options.

Now it’s the best time to focus on a hobby or a talent. However, as a bettor, the need for the adrenaline will keep thrusting. This is the main reasons why online bookies have drafted new ways to keep their sports bettors engaged during the lockdown.

Ideally, sports betting is not the only option available; there are tons of other betting escapades that bettors can explore. These include; virtual sports betting, casino gambling, placing bets on weather, and financials.

What Does the Future Hold For Zimbabwean Bettors?

The future at this point is unpredictable. Even countries that seem to have managed to cap the effect of the Corona Virus such as China are yet to resume to normalcy. The pandemic might take a little longer and until this is over, the only thing punters can do it explore other alternatives. This is the time to try out casino games such as poker, slots, and roulette. You can also check other betting options available at online bookmakers.

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