Are You Addicted In Sports Betting?

Betting has been a source of income to Manny but it has also been a waste of income to Manny. Sports betting is allowed in Kenya. However, members of the public are advised to bet responsibly.

Despite the advice of betting responsibly this habit of betting has become an addiction to Manny citizens especially youths. People are commiting suicide because of gambling. This article shall focus on some key points for one to stop addiction.

1. Uninstall oll betting apps phone/ computer

Uninstalling these apps helps to reduce the interaction with the betting sites. Not coming across the apps on your phone/computer will also reduce much focus on them.

2. Reduce Following Sports Activities

Manny times people who likes following sports activities end up betting because they tend to know much on these sports activity. If you know less of these sports activities it also reduce your courage on betting.

3. Start a business or look for a job

Lack of employment can led to bet addiction. If you are addicted to betting, you are advised to start up a business or look for a legit business that can keep you busy and make you earn some cash. Working can also reduce your concentration on gambling.

4. Avoid Interacting with gamblers

The Mijikenda group from Coast, Kenya have their proverb that goes like “a friend to a thief is a thief”. This means that if you interact with a thief daily and gets his advice you will automatically become a thief. The same applies here if you interact with gamblers and take their gambling advice you will end up become a gambler.
I believe if you consider the above advice it can have a positive impact on your life.


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