Aspire Global’s Pariplay Finalizes Partnership with Sportingtech

The online casino and betting industry is growing at a frenetic pace. Growth opportunities span the entire globe, from established markets in Europe to new ones in North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Strategic partnerships are crucial in this sector. One such deal was struck recently between Pariplay and Sportingtech. In a mutually beneficial arrangement, Pariplay’s FUSION suite will be available on the QUANTUM platform developed and marketed by Sportingtech.

This business deal will allow Sportingtech to gain access to Pariplay’s exceptional portfolio that spans over 70 industry suppliers. This includes, but is certainly not limited to localized and exclusive games offered by the latest online casinos offering the freshest no deposit bonuses.

Pariplay is owned by Aspire Global

Pariplay is a leading online casino software developer and content aggregator. They have a game studio with a track record of creating popular casino titles like Wolf Riches and Dragons of the North. The studio behind these games was recently rebranded to Wizard.Games.

Apart from being a game developer, Pariplay is also a casino games aggregator. They establish ties with other major developers to gain access to over 2000 titles from brands like Microgaming, Quickspin, and Evolution Gaming.

This allows Pariplay to offer a rich catalog of games on their Fusion platform – a popular choice among online casino operators. Due to their compelling selection of products and services, Pariplay was acquired by iGaming giant Aspire Global in 2019.

Based in Stockholm, Pariplay has offices in Malta, Bulgaria, Israel, and India. They are licensed to operate in the regulated gambling markets by authorities in Malta, Gibraltar, Romania, the UK, and New Jersey.

That New Jersey license was a major factor behind Aspire Global’s decision to acquire Pariplay. It gave Aspire access to the massive American markets. It also considerably strengthened Aspire Global’s B2B segment.

Sportingtech is all about emerging markets

Like Pariplay, Sportingtech also operates in the B2B segments of the online betting and casino industries. The company offers a wide array of software platforms designed to run online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, lotteries, and more.

While Aspire has more focus on providing services to online casinos, Sportingtech has a wider focus. They are also active in more markets across the world. Most notably, they have a presence in emerging markets like Latin America and Africa.

The company was launched around the same time as Aspire, in 2009. It took them several years to reach mainstream success. In 2018, they entered key markets like Brazil, which has immense potential for both online sports betting and casinos.

2021 was a special year for Sportingtech. They launched Quantum, a fully revamped online software platform designed to cater to a wide range of casino/sports betting scenarios. Within one year of operation, the platform has racked up some impressive figures.

It offers over 9000 casino games and slots from the top software providers in the industry. Over 4 million bets are placed each day on casinos and sportsbooks powered by this software. Meanwhile, the number of monthly cash transactions exceeds 3 billion.

Why did this deal happen?

Both Pariplay and Sportingtech have their home bases in the European Union. They have licenses from major authorities like the MGA (Malta). A strategic partnership has to be mutually beneficial to make sense. Here, both parties stand to gain a lot with this particular deal.

For starters, Fusion and Quantum are not in direct competition with each other. Sportingtech’s Quantum has a more horizontal spread – it is flexible and designed to serve the casino and sports betting markets equally well.

Meanwhile, Fusion has a more vertically integrated focus on casino backend services. Adding Pariplay’s platform to Quantum improves its catalog by around 2000+ games. Sportingtech now has more titles, providers, and backend services on its platform.

As for Pariplay, it is all about exposure to new markets. Though they have a strong presence in Europe and North America, they are not yet a part of Latin America or African igaming sectors. Sportingtech has already received regulatory approval in key markets like Brazil.

By adding Fusion to their platform, Pariplay can unlock the doors to major Latin American markets like Argentina and Brazil. As more African countries enter the regulated gambling segment in the coming years, Pariplay will be well-positioned to capitalize there as well.

Future of iGaming in Latin America and Africa

Both these regions are widely considered as the sleeping giants in online betting. They both have massive populations with an active interest in sports and gambling. And most countries are only waking up to the potential of regulated online gaming. For instance, in Latin America, only Colombia, Bolivia, and Nicaragua have fully regulated online gambling industries. Argentina is a bit like the US – gambling is handled by the state governments. As the most populous country in the region, Brazil could be a major market as well.

Likewise, large nations like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania could all become iGaming hotspots of the future. But in most of these nations, online betting is either prohibited or not regulated at all.

That could all change in the coming years, as economic hardships drive governments toward tax income from the gambling sectors. Brazil is already considering a rethink on its online gambling prohibition.

Even the US only legalized online sports betting recently in 2018. As that experience has established, brands that already have a presence in a market will enjoy a head-start when things get legalized.

By joining up with Sportingtech, Aspire Global/Pariplay is playing the long game. If any of these nations decide to open the iGaming sector, both Sportingtech and Pariplay will be well-positioned to enhance their business with new customers and revenue streams.


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