AstroPay Seeks to Bolster Growth with Affiliate Program

AstroPay has announced a new Global Affiliates Program which will help the company drive further revenue and generate more growth opportunities for its own product but also the partner businesses it’s teaming up with.

This reflects AstroPay’s grander ambitions to strike home with new global audiences and establish itself as an affiliate partner with a strong proposition and product.

Expanding Its Geographical Outreach

The program advertised by the company is offering a 20% share commission on each new user who joins the platform and uses it. AstroPay head of affiliates Leonardo Alonso welcomed the opportunity and said that it’s an important new chapter in the way that the company is going to do business from hereon in. Alonso welcomed professionals from the affiliate marketing industry to join forces with the company and said:

“All those who are professionally dedicated to affiliate marketing will be very welcome and we look forward to working together.”

– says AstroPay head of affiliates Leonardo Alonso

The executive said that partners will be rewarded with a robust partnership that generates and adds value along the way. AstroPay is definitely ambitious about the reach of its program from the get-go. The company confirmed that the affiliate option will be available for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, with local experts working hard to ensure that partners are supported in their native language.

This will also optimize cross-border payments, the executive added. AstroPay also recently appointed Fayyaz Ansari as its new chief financial officer. AstroPay responded positively to the new appointment, with company chief executive officer Mikael Lijtenstein thrilled to have the new executive added to the payment provider’s ranks.

Relying on the Right Experts

Ansari is a well-seasoned veteran who has 20 years of experience working in the financial industry. He has served stints at rival companies, including Skrill Neteller, Income Access, and done broader financial services at PwC. He will now play a vital role as the company seeks to expand further and reach new audiences.

This growth appetite will dovetail nicely with the newly announced affiliate program designed to help guide consumer interest and secure more fresh sign-ups.

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