Atari announces online casino with cryptocurrencies and retro gaming theme

Atari announced on Monday (08) that it signed a partnership with the organization Decentral Games to launch a virtual cryptocurrency casino in May 2021.

Built within the decentralized 3D universe called Decentraland, which operates within the ethereum blockchain, Atari Casino will work with tokens and digital currencies to be wagered on retro and themed games from the classic video game developer.

Virtual universe will have cryptocurrency casino

According to the official statement, users will be able to participate in the casino using Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency MANA, DG, Decentral Games’ digital currency, the stablecoin DAI and the recent Atari token, ATRI. Within the so-called “metaverse” (virtual alternative universe) of the platform, the Vegas City region will host the new gambling environment divided into 20 locations.

Decentral Games is an Autonomous Decentralized Organization (DAO), managed by its own users within the digital metaverse that is Decentraland. It was reported that 88% of the proceeds from the games will go to DG DAO’s treasury to finance improvements and new future features for the platform.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is called a virtual “metaverse”, that is, it is a digital universe, similar to “Second Life”, created within the ethereum blockchain network in a decentralized way. There is no company behind the project, but a large community that works to improve its system.

Within this universe, there are specific administrative communities, such as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization called Decentral Games, responsible for bringing Atari to 20 digital lots of the more than 90 thousand existing in this “metaverse”. In these virtual lands, users can create a variety of applications and structures, including games, markets and stores for the sale of digital (NFTs) and physical products through cryptocurrencies, usually with META or DG.

Through the DG token, which will be the most common reward to be acquired (or mined) through games, users can access a marketplace and purchase a series of items categorized as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ranging from items, 3D models to the Decentraland universe and many others. DG can also be traded as an asset, as with most cryptocurrencies.

Vegas City, the virtual city of casinos

Vegas City is a particular gaming region within Decentraland dedicated exclusively to hosting virtual casinos, gambling and more. Atari Casino will be built on a virtual site in this division. As a pioneer in several classic video games from the 1970s onwards, the company will also build games that depend on skill, not just luck, in retro style.

Tokens and cryptocurrencies soar after partnership

After the official announcement of the partnership between Decentral Games and Atari, the native token of the virtual world Decentraland, MANA, grew 31% this Tuesday (09). The digital currency surpassed its previous record of February 2021. Meanwhile, Decentral Games’ DG token also reached a new historic high today after a 21% appreciation.

The recently created Atari token, ATRI, appreciated by 36% from yesterday to today, also registering a new price record. The cryptocurrency started trading in November 2020 and with the new partnership it gained surprising relevance in the market.


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