ATRAX – 9th International Amusement – Attraction, Park – Recreation Exhibition

ATRAX is the Turkey-based international business platform for the global amusement-attraction and recreation industry which offers huge investment potential.

With its enhanced vision for urban life and fulfillment, ATRAX offers under a single roof, all products, services and projects related to construction/maintenance of recreational facilities such as parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, activity and sport venues and areas, and with the product range it offers, it acts as a guide for visitors, in their project creation, design, product development, service and investment phases.

Among the main visitor groups of ATRAX exhibitors are sector’s professionals, professionals from public offices and local governments and municipalities, investors, architects, landscape architects and tourism professionals.

With the next ATRAX which we, as Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık, will be organizing for the 9th time, we’ll be offering all stakeholders, a major commercial platform where they can make new international business connections, reinforce existing ones and access new markets and in addition to academic and sector-specific conferences, exciting contests and shows organized alongside the exhibition.

We invite you to this important meeting.

ATRAX Theme: Happy Cities

We’ll be talking about the “Happy Cities” at ATRAX 2021! People’s lives get shaped by the mentality of the city they live in and in the spirit of the city influences the mood of its residents, creating happy or unhappy people. This year, with the “Happy Cities” theme, ATRAX brings to the forefront, attraction and recreation projects that create more opportunities for socializing and activities and focus on the happiness of the residents of the city.

We’ll be talking about Happy Cities at the Conference this year!

As we discuss the transformation of and developments in the attraction – recreations industry in Turkey and the world, we’ll also be reviewing with sector’s experts and local governments, the importance and perquisites for building “Happy Cities” and Impact of Amusement and Recreation on the Happiness of the Residents of a City.

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