Beers on Reels: A Review for the Casual Gamer

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Be sure to check out our special game, Beers on Reels, for a unique and entertaining experience.

Oktoberfest might be cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop! Crack open a cold one and get ready to spin with **Beers on Reels**, the new game that brings the festival spirit straight to your screen.

So, what’s the deal with Beers on Reels?

This game is all about fun, frothy wins. You’ll be chasing symbols across the reels, collecting gold and silver beer tokens along the way. These tokens unlock exciting features like **wild columns** and extra free spins, keeping the excitement bubbling.

Here’s what I loved about Beers on Reels:

Missions: Choose your own adventure! Pick from four different missions and come back to them whenever you want. This adds a layer of **flexibility and control** to your gameplay.
Wild Columns: Land three gold beer tokens and watch the magic happen. A whole column turns wild for at least three spins, leading to **potentially huge wins**.

Extra Free Spins: Feeling lucky? Collect silver beer tokens during the Free Spins Game to snag yourself an extra spin. This **boosts your chances** of hitting it big.

Overall, Beers on Reels is a great choice for casual gamers who want a fun, engaging experience. The game has a high RTP of 97.29% and 40 pay lines, so there are plenty of opportunities to win big. Plus, with its Oktoberfest theme, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the season, even if you can’t make it to Munich.

Where to play.

You can play Beers on Reels at in the Rich games Tab

So, grab a beer, sit back, and get ready to spin with Beers on Reels! You might just find yourself saying “Prost!” to some big wins.

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