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An auto play mode is quite a popular feature at gambling sites. It makes the gaming process faster for pros and easier for beginners. Do you want to know what it is and try out the best auto play casino games?

The variety of games at online gambling sites is amazing nowadays. First of all, there are tons of classic and new games: slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, as well as various money wheel and dice games. However, this isn’t it. Most of these games can be played faster and easier thanks to auto modes available at online casinos. Let’s see what it is and how it may help you win.

What is an auto play mode in gambling?

In 2021, gambling via computer or any other device is expected to be fast and automated. To make gamblers’ life easier, a special auto play mode was created. So, what is it?

As it is clear from its name, auto play is a special option that allows gamblers to play casino games automatically, not manually. In other words, this feature plays the chosen game instead of the player, while he can either control the process or let it go. The only thing players must do is choose the stake amount before the game starts and press “auto play” if available. Once you activate the mode, it will play for you until you stop it.

The auto play option is available at many online casinos. Before switching to the best auto play casino games, let’s see why you should or shouldn’t try the mode.

Pros and cons.

Like any other option related to casinos, the auto play mode has its own advantages and disadvantages. As there are obviously more pros than cons, we will start with them.

  • Playing games in auto mode is faster. This is the case when time is money as you can win much more during the same period of time if you are not playing manually;
  • Auto play is an easier way to win cash. Unlike the manual play, here you don’t have to make a decision or analyze the situation, especially if you are a beginner in this or that game. With the help of auto mode, even an amateur can beat the computer and hit the jackpot;
  • It doesn’t affect winning chances. Although you may think the opposite, in some games it doesn’t really matter how you play. For instance, auto play in slots gives absolutely equal winning chances as the game doesn’t depend on skills or logic;
  • You can stop the auto play at any time. At first, watching the gaming process without interruption can be useful for beginners. As soon as you feel confident enough to play by yourself, switch off the auto mode and try your luck at Bet365 Casino.

The only case where the auto play option can be harmful is playing gambling games that require human intelligence. For instance, it is better to play poker or blackjack manually as you have to decide about extra cards, their replacement, next steps, etc. Although the computer is smart enough, it may both spoil the game and bring you luck. If you don’t wanna risk, better play card games by yourself, while roulettes and slots are better with auto mode.

Best auto play casino games and sites in 2021.
As casino auto play mode is better to use in games of luck, we recommend playing slots and roulette variations using it. Another good option is playing the lottery with an automatic pick of numbers (if only you don’t believe in numbers magic). Also, money wheel games and dice games can be played automatically without any risk.

Nowadays, almost every online casino has games with auto play mode available.Bet365 Casino, 1xBet, Intertops are among them as well as many less popular gambling sites. Try the automatic game option now as it is a really good chance of winning money without much effort.

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