Best high end super Aramith TV pro – cup pool balls set.

Looking for a higher-end set that looks beautiful in every pool table? The highly-raved Super Aramith Tv Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set might be for you. Aramith is easily the best billiard ball brand in the market, with its premium selection of pool ball sets and high-quality construction.

Like most Aramith pool balls, this set is made of special and perfectly-molded resin to ensure a smooth rolling action. You don’t have to worry about flat, dented, and misshaped areas that could affect your shooting accuracy. But among their products, the TV Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set is the most promising.

Each ball in this set is perfectly balanced to give you that professional pool ball feels. It also has a superior bounce and rebound action that gives you unmatched control.

True enough, this set of pool balls will make you feel like a pro. The Super Aramith TV Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set is also designed for durability.

Each Aramith pool ball offers superior scratch-resistance, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly chips and marks. It is guaranteed to last you for years or decades, even if you play for hours every day.

These high-end pool balls are the same as the Aramith balls you see on TV. They come in colors that are easy on the eyes, with pink 4 and 12 balls and light brown 7 and 15 to make it more distinct than other brands. These colors are also easier to focus on when you’re about to take a shot.

And speaking of shots, the Super Aramith TV Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set has a beautiful clicking sound whenever you hit each ball. That, in itself, reflects how superior it is in terms of quality.

Overall, the Super Aramith Tv Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set is a top choice for the best pool balls set if you have the budget. While it is on the pricey side of the spectrum, we guarantee that its unmatched playability is worth every penny. Plus, it will look good on your pool table.


  • The balls offer smooth and balanced rolls
  • It offers good value for the money


  • There are some inconsistencies with quality control

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