Best Lucky Numbers Games in South Africa

Lottery gamers in South Africa are no longer restricted to just the Lotto, Powerball, and other locally-held lotteries, thanks to the proliferation of online betting sites providing Lucky Numbers games. Not only may you play any of these lotteries online, but there are an infinite number of different drawings to choose from.

In South Africa, you may join any online bookmaker that provides Lucky Numbers and begin betting on lotteries! This is the main thing we love about online lotteries – you can play worldwide. Therefore, as a South African player, you aren’t only limited to the games happening in the country! Whether you’re a seasoned lottery player or have never tried your luck before, this guide will help you find and play the finest Lucky Numbers games in South Africa.

SA Power Ball

For South Africans, we always recommend you have a shot at the local games, such as South African Powerball. This game takes place twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 9 P.M. If you’re familiar with Daily Lotto, you’ll know how to play this game. However, there’s a twist – Powerball includes a bonus ball to make the draws even more thrilling!

This bonus is a number between 1 and 20, and you can include it in your ticket if you wish. If you wish to stay on top of the latest draws, we recommend you check the daily Powerball results in South Africa. Before you place your bet, we suggest you go through the recent winning combinations to make sure your numbers haven’t already won. It’s highly unlikely that the same combination will win twice in a row!

UK 49 Lucky Numbers

This is a UK-based game that you can play online from anywhere in the world. This game is loads of fun which is why we aren’t surprised that UK 49s is a popular lucky number game among South Africans. The draws take place Monday through Sunday, twice a day.

The game follows a “one ball set” structure like the South African Lotto. This system involves drawing six balls from a pool of 49, followed by selecting one “Booster Ball” from the remaining ones. This means that the “Booster Ball” number is also somewhere between 1 and 49.

South African Daily Lotto

As the name suggests, you can have a shot at becoming a millionaire daily through this South African lottery. How do you do that? Well, first, choose five lucky numbers running from one to 36. You can also find many number generators online if you wish your numbers to be completely random. You need to enter your ticket before 20:30, while the draw takes place at 21:00. Of course, you don’t have to submit only one draw – multiple will make your chances of winning much larger!

Russia Gosloto

South African players love this Russian Lottery! Because there are so many options and draws are so frequent, we can see why so many punters enjoy it. How frequent are they? Every 30 minutes, seven days a week, a winner is selected. This means that there are 48 draws a day!

One set of balls is used, and each ball has a number from 1 to 36. Five balls are randomly selected from a drum, and your goal is to correctly predict anywhere from one to four of those numbers, depending on the betting market you choose. One downside is that South African players in the Russia Gosloto do not have the chance to wager on the bonus ball.


If you’re looking for consistent wins and life-changing prizes, look no further than the EuroMillions! Betting options for the EuroMillions in South Africa include four main draw numbers from 1 to 50 and two bonus balls called Lucky Stars from 1 to 12.

Since EuroMillions’ bonus ball has the narrowest possible range of any Lucky Numbers game, it is among the simplest to anticipate. Depending on where you choose to play the game you will be able (or not) to bet on the bonus ball, so choose carefully. For example, online casinos such as Betway offer this lottery, but you can’t guess the Lucky Stars, while at Hollywoodbets, you can try your luck with the bonus numbers. What is more, you can bet on the bonus balls only!


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