Best Real Money Gambling Apps for Africa 2020

Mobile gaming looks like the future of gambling in Africa. Traditionally, Africans used to gamble from land-based gambling establishments such as racecourses and casinos. In recent years, you don’t even need to own a computer for you to gamble.

All you need is a good smartphone or iPhone depending on the type you can afford, and a stable internet connection. In 2020, technology has been put to test in various faculties in our lives. You can book a vehicle, order groceries, get a prescription, and put your kids through schools through smart devices and the internet. Gambling has been one of the popularly used platforms online.

Playing your favorite casino games, wagering on your best horse, or cheering on your best international football team requires a little more effort in preparing for the encounter. If you are going to get entertained, then you need to pay the price by investing in good gaming applications and a stable internet from your top provider, else you miss the action.

Online gambling can be on instant play casinos and on casinos or gaming sites that require you to download their app first. In this article, wewill be discussing the download casinos and gaming sites. If you are a sports punter, a casino lover, or interested in horse racing, you are in the right place. We will be giving you tips and answering as many questions as possible on mobile gambling apps.

This is where you start

As long as you know what you are looking for you can always find it. Whether you are interested in a single game, a certain online casino, or a specific app, you will surely get what you want. Once you get into the play store, you will find lots of apps for your phone type. Normally, there are apps for android users, windows, iPhones, and tablets. You are more likely to find an endless list of casino apps and using the criteria of casino features will help you narrowdown your options. If the casino feature you are interested in is bonuses or payment methods accepted, just include it in your search and you will find more detailed options for you.

Is it really necessary for me to download the app?

Yes, of course, you can just google the site and play from their website. The difference between instant play casinos and download casinos is that for a download casino, playing directly from the website might result to having lesser games and a few features as compared to gaming using the required application.

Real cash gambling apps
1. MyBookie
2. Betway
3. 22bet
4. Spin Casino
5. Jackpot City

Gambling apps and sports betting

Sports betting has become an all-year-round business. I mean, the EPL did not even take a month break and we already have a new season going on. This has necessitated the need to have mobile apps for instant updates on odds and fixtures. Now punters don’t need to buy a daily newspaper or go through the hustle of researching odds and other important stats from just any source online. As a punter, you need your odds in time and have enough time to calculate them and place a wager in a good time. All this is now possible with the development of mobile betting applications.

Top sports gambling Apps
1. Spin Palace Sports
2. Betway Sports

Horse Racing and mobile gambling applications

Horse racing is one of the most lucrative sports prominent in a country like South Africa. One important detail that punters should pay attention to is the ability of the site to stream live matches. Horse racing apps vary with the types of markets available as well as the number of available racetracks.

Some of the best apps for 2020 are;
1. Betway sports
2. Spin Palace Sports

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