Best ways to Gamble Online in Africa

Out of the total 54 countries in Africa, at least 40 of them have embraced a form of gambling. This is a significant number which shows that the continent continues to grow each day. Many countries are now embracing gaming as a source of revenue.

Initially, the gambling business was discouraged because of the perception that it demotivates people from using genuine means to look for money. As such, online gambling has picked momentum among most African countries to satisfy the market. Before you begin gambling online, go through the following tips and have an idea what the industry entails.

Online-Only Casinos

Africa has several resorts and casinos that rival those in Las Vegas. If you visit countries like Namibia, Morocco and Botswana, you can find a top of the range facilities. South Africa alone boasts of more than 40 live casinos.

If you want to gamble online, the initial step is to check and establish your preferential platform. After you find out about one or two, you then explore the games that they offer. Remember that we have global operators who are venturing abroad to expand their markets, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see some foreign-based online casinos in your country. Carry out a bit of research and find out if your government accepts the site.

Players ought to be careful because rogue operators own some of the gambling sites. You must be sure that the site is credible before depositing money into your account. The best way is to trace the company history to see if public authorities have licensed it or not. Take note that a reputable online casino must have been in operation for some years. If you are enticed to register into a new casino, most likely the operators are fraudulent, and they could fleece you of your money once you deposit.

Gambling on Phone

Many players have been accustomed to running games on mobile, so you may just find it more convenient to find an online casino that is optimized to play on a mobile browser or has an app. Having a reputation and being legal is not enough for an online casino. Find out whether it has unique features from the rest. For instance, can you play against other participants? Or can you gamble with a live dealer?

Sports Betting

Just like any other gamer, you have your preferences. We have some players who love both sports betting and casino games, but some will go for one item. If you are into sports, do not hesitate to explore sports betting sites. The African market is famous for online sports betting as opposed to traditional online casino games. The motivation comes from fanaticism because gamers would love to bet for or against the teams they love. Many sporting events around the continent also motivate this activity.

Nowadays, companies are offering online sports betting services to the African market by giving odds from events around the world. Luckily, you don’t have to stick to one sport because you can bet on fights, races, and financials, among others. We have several sites in the UK and US that accept foreigners. Make sure you can access them from your country of residence and explore events from across the world. The US gambling laws are very complex, and they discourage locals from subscribing. Consequently, US-based companies are invading African soils to invest in online sports betting.

Gambling as a Career

No doubt that online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries in Africa. This implies that governments are awakening to the fact that their citizens can make a living out of this venture. A significant part of the population has resorted to gambling, hence increasing its demand.

If you are a serious gambler, you can make it a profession and build strategies for winning. For starters, it is recommended that you download free apps where you can upgrade as you build gaming skills.

Professional gambling calls for personal tactics and skills for you to make that desired win. For you to advance, there are professional tools that will give you an edge over the rest. Use predictive game apps which help you to analyze and pick on teams that are likely to provide you with the best results. However, do not trust that they will give you correct results at all times because betting is a game of chance. In this case, complement the tools with a bit of skill, and you may just realize that online betting was your second career.

Embrace Technology

If you are part of the millennial generation, the chances are that you are tech-savvy and you also own a smartphone. Technology will introduce you to the world of online gambling. For instance, many youths are now connected to the global sports scene through satellite Tv. Gambling demographics in Africa show that 60% of people aged 17 to 35 have used smartphones to gamble online.

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