BET-IBC Review

The reason for the existence of betting agents is simple. Unfortunately, for various reasons, there is a quite large number of people who want to participate in the online gambling industry but cannot (or do not want to) do so on their own.

This is where the companies in discussion come in. Typically, they mediate between the aforementioned potential punters and the betting establishments, so that accounts can be opened. There are only a few of those, and we will examine today BET-IBC betting broker. Especially in reference to the claims of being the best agent for Asian bookmakers.

Initially that claim sounds as an understatement considering that the catalogue consists of Sportsbooks and Exchanges that originate from all over the industry. Not to mention, the agency exclusives and the three platforms that they maintain. In addition, there are other services completing the docket making the venture a complete package for those that want to maximize their profitability.

The services rendered by BET-IBC betting broker

To begin with, users have the chance to open accounts at Sportsbooks like 3ET, Maxbet, Sbobet, BetISN, Vertex and Singbet. Especially the last one is the key to the claim as residents from other continents than Asia can only open accounts there, through the mediation of an agent. Then, come Exchanges of the likes of OrbitX, Fair999 and others. Thirdly, we have three platforms, BetSpider, and the venture’s flagship product, VIP-IBC. Finally, there are two all-in-one betting brands, 4ODD and Game2Bet, where BET-IBC is the exclusive provider of accounts. Special mention should be given to Skype Betting, which is a service created specifically for high rollers.

Probably the best support for the claim is the Not a betting site per se, however, it’s a full and complete presentation of the inner workings of the betting establishments of Asia. It should be well-known that they have been the subject of a lot of controversies over the years. sheds light into the subject and that’s perhaps one of the most valuable services that BET-IBC betting broker provides.

All of the attention is focused on the customers

While all of the above can be considered as the main dish, it’s actually the rest of the services that make for the di!erence. Firstly, there is a dedicated section for tips and a team of professional tipsters supplying three predictions on various sports every week, free of charge. Furthermore, for those that want to go even further into the ins and outs of the industry, BET-IBC betting broker has uploaded a set of betting tools consisting of an Odds Converter and 4 different calculators. The purpose of these online apps is to take out the human error that creeps behind mathematics when they are done manually, and to allow people to find the odds with the best value out of all the o!ers that they see.

The support to the claim for maximizing the profitability is strengthened by a blog section that deals almost exclusively with lessons about how the industry works, while users that want to make even more money than what they can get out of the gambling industry, have the chance to become partners and collect a percentage of the turnover that their clients will produce.

BET-IBC betting broker and the various concerns

Having said that people want to join the online industry, we must also examine the solutions offered to those that are concerned with other issues. First, the issue of funding an account. People are still doubting that financial transactions with online establishments are at risk. To allay that belief, BET-IBC a!ords a number of payment methods that cover all of the spectrum. From the traditional means to the modern e-wallets. However, it should be emphasized that it’s one of the first businesses in the industry that had placed a focus in funding betting accounts using cryptocurrencies.

Inevitably, the above pieces of information, along with any personal details that users exchange with the operators, are subject to foul play. The people on the background deploy every means of encryption to keep it safe. Furthermore, they see to it that safeguards are constantly upgraded and updated. To top it up, should there ever be a problem or a question to be asked, there is a professional customer support team that has the backs of the clients, 24/7.

In conclusion

This is one of these rare times where we find that the company under review, actually undersells itself. They may want to place the focus on their mediation to Asian bookmakers, however, we find that the services that they o!er cover a much wider scope of operations. So, we can in all earnest say that if you want to open an account at the best betting broker you have a full go ahead.


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