Betika Introduce No Data No Problem for Kenya Customers

One of the leading sports betting brands in Kenya has come up with “No Data No Problem bet on football with Betika Bila Bundles. Data is an essential commodity for bettors in Africa and to many Kenyan football fan many dread receiving that unpopular text that your bundle balance is below 5MB”.

Kenya’s leading sports betting company Betika is well aware of this problem as its customers rely on an internet connection to place their bets. Betika had to partner with leading Kenya telco Safaricom to offer their customers free access to the Betika website to overcome the data challenge facing bettors. Betika customers on Safaricom no longer require data bundles to place a bet or view and analyze games on the Betika platform. The #TurudiUwanjani campaign saves Betika customers money on mobile data. It increases their chances of winning their bets by allowing them to spend as much time as they need analyzing the games and odds before placing their bets.

The Betika Bila Bundles bettors are in for a pleasant surprise as they can now enjoy free browsing on, and with sporting activities still on the comeback trail amid the end of the European league season and after Covid-19, there are plenty of alternative betting options on the Betika site. Such as Betika Simulated Reality League, customers can enjoy the live football feel of the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and other top football leagues. They can also enjoy almost real matches being simulated based on a real team, statistics, ranking, and historical performances. As well as the Simulated Reality Leagues, Betika also offers virtual Super League and casino games, giving punters the freedom to vary their play from the comfort of their homes. Further, some of the exciting casino games on the Betika website include slots, card games, roulette, and many more. Players can win in seconds and receive their winnings instantly. This allows them the opportunity to try again and continue to enjoy the experience.

Betika has also launched a virtual jackpot for their virtual football Super League to make it even better for their customers. Customers do not have to place an actual jackpot bet to win. By playing the available virtual football games, customers automatically stand a chance to win up to Ksh 1million. This means that whenever you win a bet in the Betika Super League on the virtual EPL or La Liga, that is not the end of it. Betika could surprise you with an additional win of up to Ksh1 Million. However, affordable internet data has been one of the challenges that have slow down the adoption of online gambling and betting in Africa. This initiative from Betika, the leading sports betting brand in Kenya to offer customers free internet data to players so far; you access their website. It is quite a remarkable strategy; within a matter of years. I expect other top operators to take this burden upon them to solve customers’ worries and expect other brands to partner with other telecom companies to make this a reality. As I have pointed out, telecoms and mobile money operators are integral to the adoption of iGaming in Africa.

Moreover, sports has always been a favourite source of entertainment for Kenyans from all walks of life; with sports comes betting and excitement. Since the entry of sports betting sites in Kenya, there has been more cheer and excitement in local and international sports. Betika is one of the most preferred options betting websites attributed to their offerings, which are distinctive from other competitors alike with most affordable jackpots, bonuses, no minimum bet, and bet Billa bundles, free withdrawals, and many more.

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