Betika Launches the First Kenyan Sports Betting App in the Play Store

The availability of online betting applications till very recently, was limited to just the enthusiasts who were willing to go through the many steps to sideload apps. But the industry will soon receive a major shot in the arm. Betika is going to be the first ever Kenyan sports betting app to be available on the Play Store.

Once you download the app, browsing it is free thanks to the Betika bila bundles offer. During the football off season, Betika members can still win millions daily on the Betika Aviator Cashout. This is a crash game where you can win instantly just with the right timing. This Aviator game is currently the big trend in Kenya, check it out so that you’re not left behind. Withdrawals of your winnings are also free of charge.

This app holds multiple implications for the future of the industry. According to the Play Store’s policy on real money gaming:

“We only allow betting apps that enable or facilitate online gambling in select countries, as long as the Developer completes the application process for gambling apps being distributed on Google Play, is an approved governmental operator and/or is registered as a licensed operator with the appropriate governmental gambling authority in the specified country, and provides a valid operating license in the specified country for the type of online gambling product they want to offer.”

Since Betika is the only app in Kenya to have managed to complete this process, it goes to reassure punters that Betika is 100% legit and that your money is in safe hands with them.

The move by Google is a first step in a direction that benefits the real money gaming industry in Kenya. The sector gets bolstered in creating an entertainment space, meanwhile also generating employment for local app developers at the same time.

This has the chance to bridge the current gap of regulatory mechanisms, as apps on the Play Store are subject to terms and conditions, in compliance with local laws and regulations. With a structured approach to the launch, Betika will use the data from the Play Store to ensure that legal requirements to operate are fulfilled, such a cap on participants being over 18 years of age, and operation only in countries where online gaming is not prohibited by state law.

Betika will also be tasked with providing redressal mechanisms and customer support. Such measures seem like a step towards the industry aligning with the targets that the BCLB is seeking to put in place. It makes for an optimum medium for the government, the industry as well as consumer protection for the end user.


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