Betting And Gambling In Nigeria

Sports betting and gambling has been a growing culture across different parts of the globe. In Nigeria, betting and gambling has been a growing trend for the past years.

More Nigerians above the age of 18 are engaging in sports betting and gambling thanks to the easy availability of gambling facilities, internet services and penetration of mobile technology in the country. Furthermore, Nigeria doesn’t have specific laws that govern or restrict betting and gambling. It has favourable acts that have also enhanced the popularity of gambling in the region.

Variety of Betting Sites

Similarly, there are growing betting sites in the country. They are usually launched by betting firms and offer exciting betting experiences to players. With seasoned and new casino sites, players from different parts of the globe can also play in Nigerian betting sites. This offers room for interaction and great experiences, especially for those who prefer live bets and playing games even on the move.

Bonuses and rewards are also attractive with most betting games and gambling sites in the country. You can double the first deposit of your favourite game and enjoy more rewards as you play including free bets, cash backs, best odd bonuses, and VIP player offers. These attract more players in the gambling world in the country. What’s more, these deals help to maintain more loyal clients.

Also, there are different types of betting and gambling options you can choose to explore in the country. This includes land casinos where most of the sites or platforms offering this type of betting are licensed and regulated by betting firms. Land gambling casinos are open to locals, foreigners and businesspersons. They offer an array of games including slot games, table games such as Blackjack and Casino Hold’em among others. These casinos generate huge revenues for Nigeria.

Betting and Pools

Betting and pools are also allowed and are quite popular in Nigeria. They are held in a betting venue and an approved totalisator is used when placing bets and dividing or distributing winnings among pool winners. Any betting or pool operator, however, must be licensed to operate without possible legal terms.


Lotto’s in Nigeria is open to the public sector and are characterized by the sale of tickets printed with numbers within a given range drawn from a lottery game. These numbers yield a winner of cash or other prize forms. Nigerian lotto’s are licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

Online Casino and Betting

Worldwide, according to New Zealand online casino site, online casino gambling has become increasingly popular owing the easy accessibility of internet services. Even though they are not legal, little has been done to crack down on the casinos. New online gambling casinos are still being licensed often.

Online betting, on the other hand, is big in the country. It attracts seasoned and new players as days go by. With a growing number of online betting platforms, betting has been successful. Some of the most popular betting sites in Nigeria include: Winners Golden Bet, Nairabet, and Merrybet. These sites are frequented daily by thousands of committed fans from across Nigeria and different parts of the globe.

Betting in Nigeria involves an array of sports including; soccer, virtual dog racing, rugby league, table tennis, virtual football leagues, Aussie rules football and cricket among others.

Mobile technology is also shaping the betting and gambling industry in Nigeria. The country’s mobile and internet infrastructures are evolving at a high rate and more youths have easy access to mobile and internet services. Therefore, fans can easily bet or gamble at the comfort of their homes. According to industry experts and stakeholders, mobile gambling is the future in the world of betting and gambling in Nigeria and most African countries.

According to recent statistics, 4 in 10 Nigerians engage in betting and gambling, online and offline. The South-West and South-South regions of Nigeria are some of the geopolitical zones with the highest number of people who engage in betting and gambling. With a growing trend, the numbers are expected to increase in the near future, especially amongst the youth aged 18-35yrs.


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