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The vivid passion for sports betting and the desire to make some cash force many punters to skate on thin ice when they start to search for reputable and proven telegram betting channels with tips and predictions.

Spoiler alert: it’s going to be hard, if not unreal. Most of the channels are directly associated with bookmakers, a good number of which spam on a daily basis about their “successful success” in predictions.

For some reason, the feeling of being duped persists as you scroll through all of these channels. In this article, we’d like to compile a small list of semi-decent telegram channels for sports betting and prioritize the factors you should be paying attention to when trying to pick a channel for yourself.

First Things First: Red Flags

There’s a global theory that we’re living in a time when a pandemic of deception rules the world. In part, this is an absolutely correct statement. A seemingly endless number of people can tell you whatever you want them to say just to get what they truly dream of. It can be your knowledge, sensitive information, or even money. This is, sadly, the main reason for the existence of sports betting telegram channels. They simply cooperate with sportsbooks via an affiliate system or affiliate marketing. They sell their souls and words just to line the bookmaker’s pocket, which in turn pays a fair percentage of the income to the referrer.

Thus, we can highlight the first factor to be wary of. The purpose of the telegram channel. If a person honestly enjoys sports and achieves an outstanding result in the sports analytical field, he’s more likely to provide you with trustworthy tips, although even then there’s room for miscalculation. That person’s dedication to high-quality predictions works for his own brand and his own name. And now try to apply this logic to the “SPORTS BETTING TIPS 100% GUARANTEED WIN” channel. No further comments required.

Another red flag you should never ignore is the amount of advertising content and the number of direct links. Can you agree that it would be weird to visit a bakery to buy fresh bread and be asked to buy a couple of bags of specific flour? That’s not really something you expect to see when you want to buy baking. So why on Earth is it ok to see the calls to bet on certain bookmakers when you come here to read about sports predictions, analytic and statistics?

As we mentioned before, most channels are associated with other interested third parties. Always keep in mind that you are looking for advice on what to bet on, not where to bet. The self-respecting tipster will hang out a disclaimer saying that he’s offering promo codes for certain bookmakers, but the main goal of his occupation remains the same. If you can’t find this simple truth and witness heaps of aggressive marketing calls to do something like place a bet here or there, this is not the channel you should be following. It’s more likely money’s gained through your losses than from predictions and tips, which act, in this case, just as a trick to steal your attention and lure you in.

Here Are The Channels Themselves

Straight remark right away. When it comes to sports betting telegram groups, it’s tremendously complicated to the point of being impossible to find a decent channel. Yet we managed to pick the three least terrible ones out of the vast abundance of terrible channels. We’re neither encouraging you to join them, nor are we claiming they are completely reputable and honest. As said, they are just the lesser of many evils.

This telegram channel has the website of the same name as the channel. They provide free tips on the website and offer paid predictions through the private TG channel, which you can join after establishing a monthly subscription. Although the entire platform does not look that trustworthy, you can check if they are on the same page as you by examining their free tips.

Safe Betting Site

Let’s just ignore the description of the channel, which asks you to register with a specific bookmaker, enter the promo code, and place a bet to get free access to their private channel for a month. It’s quite a cringeworthy way to make you close the chat right away. But! Apart from that, the advertising seems to be quite limited, and the quality of predictions seems to be fairly good. They provide free daily tips with comprehensive details. For some punters, this will be enough, but if you are not into such formats, you can simply grab some outside opinions and compare them to your own thoughts.

PrimeBet | Sports Predictions

For some unrecognized reason, this channel appears to be quite informative. They provide small but useful guides and reminders to refresh basics and sports predictions in addition to the rest of the content. In all the laws of the genre, admins place promotional links in some posts, but you can easily ignore them and focus on the quality of the given tips.

Your Priceless Takeaway

Sports betting is quite a rewarding hobby if you have a strong combination of extensive, deep knowledge of sports and outstanding analytical skills. You must have what it takes to be operational in this gambling field on your own because you can’t really line your pockets based on third parties’ suggestions. Most of them will try to take advantage of you, which is logical because they have to make money somehow. Don’t let them trick you and be very cautious when picking a tipster for yourself. Moreover, a slightly better idea would be to narrow down the search to websites with predictions or online tipster services. It requires much more effort to establish a fraud site compared to a 5 minute setup room for creating a TG channel. Either way, we wish you good luck in your sports betting journey, and as always, remember to play responsibly.


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