Betting firm employs 142 Tanzanian youths

A total of 142 youths have benefited from employment through Meridianbet Tanzania, which is one of the dreams the company, which provides online betting services, harbours.

Matina Nkurlu, Meridianbet Tanzania’s Head of Marketing and Communications unraveled the information on Thursday when speaking at the launch of the Meridianbet store located at Tandika Majaribio Street, Temeke District in Dar es Salaam. Nkurlu said that the company has strong strategic goals to create direct jobs for many Tanzanians that are in great need of employment now and in the future.

“After the launch of this store, we hope it will provide more jobs for our brothers who will work here and at over 18 stores located in different places in the country. Until now, the Meridianbet company that provides online gambling services has helped to employ 142 Tanzanians who work at our stores spread across the country, including the Max 25 found at Tandika Majaribio” – Nkurlu revealed.

He said that the main goal of Meridianbet is to ensure that it provides quality and reliable services to customers, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, or age, adding that as long as the customer is either 18 years old or above, he/she is allowed to join their company which, he stressed, is the number one sports betting firm in Tanzania.

He thanked Meridianbet Tanzania’s customers for enabling the firm to make headway, from the moment the company started providing betting services for various sports such as football and casino. He stated the services offered by Meridianbet Tanzania are the best and the firm has the biggest odds for every match and all leagues, with more than 1000 different options available by visiting its website

“There is one very popular service, known as Turbo that is also available at Meridianbet. This is not a mean feat, it is a big step we are taking with our customers,” – Nkurlu noted.

One of the company’s customers, Jackson Kuchumu, said that the store will have the area’s residents reducing the costs of going long distances to access betting services. This store will reduce the inconvenience of walking a long distance to follow betting services. The fare I was using will be put into placing a bigger bet so I can win more money, he said.

Another customer, Hassan Juma, said:

“I like many services offered by Meridianbet, including the Turbo because it helps me save my bet in case there is a team that tends to have my bet go wrong, it further has many options which give me the freedom to choose what to bet on and what I should leave.”

Nkurlu added:

“We started to gradually launch stores owned by Meridianbet in 2019, starting with stores at Kariakoo, Manzese, Gongo la Mboto, and other areas of Dar es Salaam, four years down since the launch of the stores, the number of Meridianbet stores has reached 58. That is not enough, this company that strives to every day open up opportunities for everyone who aims to do business with us, gets that opportunity, Meridianbet has decided to provide agency for 39 stores owned by our agents who in collaboration with us have been providing good services to our customers found across the country, and this shows Meridianbet has taken a big step towards growth and demonstrates its seniority.”

He also stressed that the main goal of Meridianbet is to continue launching various stores and expand the scope of markets by reaching customers easily, making it easier to provide better services to everyone and create jobs for people.


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