Betting industry predictions for 2021

The betting industry is an evolving industry and each year new gambling trends emerge. Some trends last for a long time while others for a short time.

A lot happened in 2020 but the global pandemic disrupted the sports scene and affiliate parties. Going towards 2021, the sports betting industry is expected to perform better than in 2021. Here are some of the sports betting industry predictions for 2021.


Digitization in Africa has struck a balance between land-based gambling and online gambling. Online gambling generates more revenue than land-based gambling. Online gambling has gained popularity attributed to change in policies and perceptions in Africa. Digitization has contributed heavily to online betting and gambling due to the following reasons. Many of the African countries have relaxed laws on online gambling. Online bookies in Africa use attractive bonuses, incentives, and bonuses to have a good share of the market and for this reason, some nations in Africa have already generated revenue.

Digitization will continue to grow in Africa in the coming years since the sports betting bookies are popular even in the remote villages in Africa. African governments are on a mission to ensure that all Africans have internet connections.

Africa loves sports especially football and during popular sports tournaments such as EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and UEFA–football fans fill betting parlors to watch and place a bet for their favorite teams and players. By 2021 digitization will be accelerated due to the love of sports.
Africa has a youthful population. According to various research, the youth are the major players in betting and gambling. The youth are tech-savvy and use their mobile phones to access betting sites. With the continuous use of smartphones and good internet coverage- the sports betting industry will grow more in 2021.


Mergers are common not only in Africa but also in the other continent. Competition has forced various industries to merge in recent years and the betting industry has not been left out.
Mergers is an important business venture and more mergers happening in 2021 according to Peter Nolan from Digitain. Competition in the sports betting market will force various sportsbooks to merge to retain their customers and market power.

Sports Betting Procedures

Due to uncertain happenings in the world, the sports calendar was affected. The sports industry and betting industry were highly affected by these changes. International sports events and local events were on hold until the pandemic was controlled.

The industry started to recover when sports events resumed like the English Premier League and La Liga. Consequently, industry players introduced new business models such as VR gaming and marketed more online betting games. The sport betting industries were forced to adapt to the changes and since then betting firms have seen a change in revenues.

As affiliate sports companies are working on how to contain the pandemic, plans are underway to hold the EUFA Euro 2020 from June 11 to July 11, 2021, as reported by Henrik Tjarnstrom, the CEO of Kindred Group, and Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group.


Although land-based betting shops and casinos in Africa were not affected hugely by the global pandemic like in the U.S and Europe, they have their fair share of decreased revenue. Some betting shops and casinos were closed temporarily to allow their respective government to curb the virus before resuming normal operations.

The retail sector is predicted to do better in 2021 as sports events are resuming and sport betting companies are back to business to bring exciting gaming and betting experiences to their customers.

Final word

The only way betting companies are to remain relevant in 2021 is to adapt to the new changes the world has brought. One of the ways is to adjust their business model and include more online games with enticing offers to attract more customers to their platform.

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