BGI Finance Club Partners Lagos State Lotteries Board

This past week 29th September 2021, BGI Finance Club partners with Lagos State Board on Bestman Games initiatives. The partnership will see Lagos State Lotteries Board sponsor 25 students from five different public schools.

The following schools have been earmarked: Sango Senior Secondary School, Agege area, Dairy Farm Senior Secondary School Agege, Keke Senior Secondary School Ifako Ijaye, District Junior College, Agege, and Sango Junior College Agege. This initiative will see 25 students in each school have the privilege of acquiring crucial financial literacy skills as part of their commitment to empowering students. As part of activities marking the 2021 Global Money Week #GMW2021, This sponsorship enrols all 125 students as Financial Literacy School Club members to equip them with personal finance management skills for the 2020/2021 academic session. According to the reports, special thanks to LSLB for supporting this initiative and partnering with us to equip our youth with said Bestman Games.

This is quite intriguing towards the excellent course of supporting our teeming young youth to have adequate knowledge about financial literacy at a younger age, and kudos to the LSLB for supporting such an initiative to empower the youth. In a nutshell, the agency demonstrates that it is not created as a revenue-generating agency to the government but also shows commitment to give back to society. However, Bestman Games is a leading African games company based in Lagos, Nigeria, and is the African distributor of customized editions of Monopoly, Hasbro’s world-famous board game. The Lagos edition of Monopoly was the first African City edition and was launched in December 2012.

More recently, they found the Nigerian Centenary edition of Monopoly. Bestman Games were established in 2012 to use the medium of games to promote personal financial literacy, encourage solid ethical values in society, and foster family relationships and values to protect a positive image of Africa on the world stage. The Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) is the pioneer gaming regulatory body in the country.

It regulates lotteries, sports betting, scratch card & Interactive games, casino, gaming machines operations, pool betting, promotional competitions, and other gaming activities within Lagos State.

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