Big data reshaping the gaming industry

Big data is reshaping the overall business model as we know it. Data science lays foundation for decision-making process in most of the modern organization, which is exactly why it revenue has surpassed $40 billion since 2018 according to Statista.

However, the gaming industry has used it to great effects in their day to day activities how? Industry stakeholders are using big data to create new growth opportunities that can combine and analyze the industry data. The gambling operators gather ample of information about products and services, player’s preference that can be captured and analyzed with the help of tools and skilled personnel in making decision and in other to create great customer experience.

However, the Big Data concept is not exactly a new one, even back in the 1960s organizations were collecting numbers and manually adding them to spreadsheets in order to predict and uncover popular trends and insights. For example, bookmakers use “Big data” tools in knowing bettors preferred betting markets, which betting market is quite popular among players and to predict the next cause of actions of player.

Similarly, today, gambling operators capture all types of big data that is relevant to their business and then apply analytics to generate important results that will be used to improve different aspects of their overall operations today.

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