Big news as the US Mega Millions rolled over to a massive R18.7 billion!

The new year started on a high note as the US MegaMillions payout is climbing steadily, currently standing at an incredible R18.7 billion! Thanks to Lottoland SA, South Africans have the opportunity to place fixed-odds bets on the outcome of the US MegaMillions, as well as many of the other big draws in the world.

A lucky South African has in fact just walked away with more than R9 million won in the US MegaMillions jackpot draw that took place on date. Using the Lottoland online platform, the winner, known as ‘Ms B.D’ from Gauteng, placed her R50 bet online on the outcome of what is known as ‘America’s super draw’.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Thanks to Lottoland’s online fixed-odds betting, Ms B.D did not need to be in America to place her bet on the US MegaMillions, as betting online with Lottoland is possible anywhere and at any time, using your smartphone or computer. Ms B.D was a Tier 2 winner when five of her lucky numbers were selected, which resulted in winnings of a whopping R9 093 962.54.

The entire process is digital, and the winner was automatically contacted by Lottoland SA when her lucky numbers were drawn. From the time that she received the life-changing phone call from Lottoland to congratulate her of her win, it took less than 48 hours before the money was paid into her bank account!

A standard MegaMillions game starts at R50 and draws take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To place a bet, just pick 5 numbers from 1 to 70 plus a Megaball number from 1 to 25. You need to match all 5 numbers plus the Megaball to win the tier 1 prize, but MegaMillions also pays out nine divisions of prizes. If you correctly predict the outcome of the US MegaMillions win, you’ll be paid out the same as you would have if you entered the official draw in the USA.

Lottoland South Africa is a licensed bookmaker with the Western Cape Gambling and racing board, and is recognized around the globe, operating in 15 markets. More than 15 million people around the world are regular customers of Lottoland.

Their international head office is based in Gibraltar, and Lottoland is the first and only gaming company in the world to have its own insurance company, to give players the peace of mind to know that the payouts of their winnings are 100% guaranteed. Winnings are converted into South African Rands and paid out locally into the player’s nominated South African bank account, to provide a welcome boost to the South African economy.


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