BigiBet campaign against Underage Gambling

BigiBet, one of Nigeria’s newest and leading sports betting companies in a short time, has partnered with The Gamble Alert Initiative. A not-for-profit organization formed to advocate for responsible gambling and prevent underage gambling from driving a sensitization campaign amongst students in Oyo State against underage gambling.

Through this partnership, BigiBet will deliver an advocacy tour to secondary schools in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, to sensitize students on the dangers of underage gambling. BigiBet targets to reach and sensitize over 5,000 secondary school students in Oyo State on the dangers of underage gambling in the first wave of its CSR initiative. The Sensitization tour starts in Ibadan on the 7th of June and will run through the 18th of June 2021.

The Gamble Alert Initiative, whose primary mandate is to curb underage gambling, lead campaigns for responsible gambling. And help problem gamblers get clinical attention in Nigeria will provide clinical care to secondary school students who are knee-deep in gambling already. BigiBet Marketing Manager Yinka Aghedo expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the strategic partnership with The Gamble Alert Initiative.

“As a sports betting company, whose philosophy is to be a valuable brand, we are very particular about driving impact and doing the right thing. We are committed to doing something about the potential problems of gambling by educating everyone about responsible play and not shying away from talking about problems with gambling. This is why we have partnered with The Gamble Alert Initiative to sensitize students in Oyo State on the dangers of underage gambling,” – said Yinka.

BigiBet has also set up a GA fund dedicated to sensitizing youths in different parts of the country on the harm that underage and irresponsible gambling could cause.

Meanwhile, BigiBet is headquartered in Oyo State in the southwest and Nigeria’s fastest-growing Sportsbook operator. Established in 2020, the company has expanded from its birthplace in Ibadan Oyo state to operate in more than 400 locations across 16 States and now takes one in every hundred sports bets placed in the country. It is quite a distinctive approach as part of its CSR policy. It is pretty interesting to know that operators are showing commitment towards eradicating problem gambling. We expect other sports betting company follows suit in tackling underage and problem gambling in Nigeria.

In recent time, E-Play Africa Media reports that a young Nigerian man that used is house rent to place sports betting in the hope of making quick money. Another report of a Nigerian used is a car in exchange to place a bet in the hands of a shop agent hoping to make money but lost the chances. It is high time other sports betting companies partner with the appropriate stakeholders and regulatory body to educate and sensitize the masses on the dangers of gambling.

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