Bitcoin and the future of iGaming

Fans of online gambling – also known as iGaming – have noticed an accelerated evolution of this type of platforms in recent times. The diversification of the types of games, the forms of access and the means of payment included has been notorious, as has the gradual rise in quality of the services provided. The future of iGaming will surely include a new trend: the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment and deposit method.

Bitcoin was created to be a currency freely accepted around the world. Although it has not yet achieved that goal it is widely accepted as a financial investment asset, on par with other currencies or traditional assets such as stocks or commodities. Gradually, its role as a currency of exchange is growing.

In several countries casinos that accept Bitcoin, or “Bitcoin casinos”, are starting to take the lead in terms of customer preferences. A considerable percentage of users of iGaming platforms are also users of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin at the lead, since it was the first, and is the most important of the cryptocurrencies. For these users, the fact that the casino accepts deposits and pays out game prizes in cryptocurrency is naturally relevant.

What are the advantages and risks of playing at Bitcoin casinos?

Bitcoin casinos do not differ greatly from the others in terms of their general characteristics. The advantage lies in the possibility of using cryptocurrencies in this service without having to make transfers in euros or other currencies.

As for the risks of playing in Bitcoin casinos, they are no different from those of playing on platforms that do not accept cryptocurrency; the player should always consult the user licences presented by the casino and check the credibility of the platform, regardless of whether the casino accepts Bitcoin or not. The currency itself may be subject to fluctuations but, again, this is not a risk unique to online casinos – it is a risk inherent in the very act of investing in cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin users, just by the fact that they are, will already be well aware of it.

What are the projections for the future?

Given the growth in the use of cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular, you can expect to see more and more trustworthy Bitcoin casinos. Casino platforms tend to meet the preferences of their customers, in all requirements: variety of games (including diversity of software provider), quality of customer service, availability in mobile environment, bonuses and promotions, etc. Payment methods are a determining factor in attracting and retaining customers. Many people are less willing to try online services that do not allow them to use their preferred way of withdraw and money deposit.


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