‘Boet Fighter’: A funny local game with only a few issues

The South African video game, known as “Boet Fighter” captured our hearts with its humorous take on Joburg culture and masculinity.

SA Nerd Force played the game, which was released on October 8 this year and was developed by Cali4ways Games, to give you our review of the hilarious but not perfect creation.

The final product was as funny as the trailers and previous displays made it seem. It is crammed with jokes and full of South African slang that bursts with local pride.

An example of this humour came from the one boss battle where we took on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle version of former President Jacob Zuma as well as his flying Gupta accomplices.

The game is cheap, with a price tag of only R200. The difficulty is challenging enough to stop you from completing the game quickly, leaving you feeling ripped off.

There were some issues with the game such as a lack of variation in the game modes. This led to a monotonous experience for many gamers who felt the game was completely unplayable. There was also a strange dynamic to the game where the finale seemed drastically easier than the intro levels rather than the other way around. Finally, there were some technical issues such as bugs and the screen border being blurry or discoloured, resulting in motion sickness. Most of these were fixed with the week one patch.

Overall, the game was enjoyable despite the issues outlined. The game is available to purchase for PC for R200 on the Steam store, with mobile and console versions coming soon.

Source: iol.co.za

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