BtoBet eyeing evolving South African opportunity

Following its expansion in regulated markets across the whole African continent, BtoBet is eyeing with interest the evolving situation concerning the South African market.

Having by far the most developed technological infrastructure in Africa in terms of internet and smartphone, the opportunity is ripe for the country to thoroughly regularize the market and follow the path undertaken by other countries in order to reap more benefits whilst safeguarding not only the investment of the operators but the players’ interests as well.

With the country already boasting a strong retail gambling market, BtoBet has published an Industry Report analyzing the huge opportunity, in technological terms and market revenue, that South Africa keeps in hold for the iGaming industry, and how the introduction of a strong regulatory framework could propel the country at the forefront of the gambling industry in Africa.

Sabrina Solda, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer, stated that the region already has a strong reputation from a retail perspective. The task now is to do the same for the online sector, where online gambling, including sports betting, is still unregulated. An opinion also shared by Themba Ngobese, CEO of the Casino Association of South Africa (CASA), who in a recent interview expressed his views that the government should intervene soon regarding the matter.

“The government needs to step up with a deliberate and concerted effort to enforce its laws to protect the regulated gambling industry and the public.”

The Industry Report “Transforming the South African iGaming Industry into a Model for Africa” also analyses the national gambling statistics that have been published by the local National Gaming Board, which indicate that the overall Gross Gambling Revenue have been registering exponential year-on-year growth, with the GGR for the financial year of 2018 amounting to 28.8 billion rand.

Take the opportunity and download BtoBet’s latest market analysis and see how you can grasp the opportunities that the South African market keeps in hold.


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